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Welcome to the home for all of Oxfam's blogs

Although we have had blogs for a number of years, this site is our attempt at bringing you a complete list of the latest posts from our growing portfolio.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to highlight the latest videos, photos and updates from some of the most active sharing platforms and social networks used by the Oxfam member organizations around the world.

Our challenge going forward will be to engage with the many of you who are already following our actions and the various issues we cover, and to reflect what you are doing to help fight poverty and injustice wherever you are.

We recognize we still have a lot to do to give you a real-time snapshot of Oxfam International and national Oxfams' activities, which is why we're grateful for your feedback.

This site is a really small step. It's only a few lists after all. There’s a lot more to come. So please add your comments, send us your feedback – tell us what you’d like to see, what we should be blogging about. And most of all, spread the word.

Indeed, our goal here is to stimulate discussion and explore ways to effect positive change, and to represent Oxfam's campaigning activities and policy positions.

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Simple: we want to hear what you have to say.

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  • Otherwise, we use our editorial judgment whether and when to respond.

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We have set up a Google Custom Search for this site. That means you can search all the Oxfam blogs at the same time and get your results in one place.


Welcome to the Oxfam Blogs site | Oxfam International Blogs

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