Moment of crisis: Copenhagen talks are failing but rich country leaders can fix it

16 December, 2009 | GROW
Jeremy Hobbs at the Global Day of Action protest in Copenhagen. Credit: Oxfam International
Jeremy Hobbs at the Global Day of Action protest in Copenhagen. Credit: Oxfam International

This is a moment of crisis. World leaders are jetting in to Copenhagen for the last couple of days of the talks but the talks are on verge of massive failure. Rich countries aren’t stepping up to the plate and offering the climate financing and the other vital measures that are central to any fair and binding deal.

However, the talks aren’t over yet and they can still be successful if leaders show the necessary political will. You can be part of a massive global push by phoning world leaders and telling them to sort the emergency and to stop blocking the deal.

What you can do?

Below is a list of the governments that are blocking the deal - and how they are doing this. We’ve also got contact details for governments all over the word. We need you to phone the most appropriate country and ask them to stop blocking the deal. Please either choose your own government or the government that you think is doing the most to block the deal.

Use the above text for some ideas about what you can say. There’s more information about how countries are blocking the talks below.

Here is a tool that will give you the number of the government that you want to phone. See below for more on who is creating the crisis.

Who is creating the crisis?

United States Hillary Clinton announced today the US support for long term international financing, which is a welcome move. However the US needs to be clear on two absolutely crucial points: first that this funding comes from public sources in developed countries, and second that it is also additional to current aid commitments (both existing and promised). Private financing is no substitute for public investment in the resilience of the poorest and most vulnerable communities, and should not taken from money that is desperately needed for hospitals, schools and other vital development issues in poor countries.. [ed. updated text 17 Dec 2009]

Austria, Sweden, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada – These countries are trying to create a loophole in accounting for forest emissions that would dramatically reduce their apparent (but not their real) emissions.

European Union – Have not been doing enough on climate financing. They
need to make a concrete offer on how much they will commit on a long term
basis to help developing countries adapt to climate change and develop in
low carbon way. This should involve their fair share of the $200bn global
total needed each year from 2020 onwards. And similar to the United States, they need to be clear that this should all be governement funded money and additional to existing and promised aid money. [ed. updated text 17 Dec 2009]

Canada – They have also consistently been blocking progress in the negotiations and have misled the public over their oil and gas emissions.

This is our last chance to push for a deal. Once you’ve called, please leave a comment below letting the world know that you’ve done it.




Climate change protesters,

Hear ye!  When your star that you call the 'Sun' goes supernova, climate change will be abrupt and complete and nobody will be left to complain about climate change.  Your orb, which you call earth, will float through space as a charred cinder and all your climate change efforts will be for  Hehehehe!!!

Pretty picture, eh!

We need a fair, ambitious, binding deal - now. Leaders, listen!

Canadians don't support our "official" reps. We support a fair, ambitious, binding deal - now. World leaders, listen!

Stephen Harper's mailbox is full.

I just tried calling Stephen Harper, but his voicemail is full.  Let's hope that he actually checks in and listens to the millions of Canadians calling in wake him up.

Phone call made

I just left a message for Gordon Brown.  Ranted a bit but hopefully he got the point.


Made a call to the Belgian prime minister. Hope he gets it!!

Climate Change

Canada's refusal to take meaningful action is a disaster.


Let the heart return in politics ! we count on you !

thank you!

Thanks for everyone's support! We're still pushing hard for a fair, ambitious and binding climate deal in these final hours...!

"We are tenants ´temporary`

"We are tenants ´temporary` in this great house, which is the planet is everyone´s responsability to take care"

Obama and Clinton

Had some challenges getting through to US White House and Dept of State lines, but sent comment/words of encouragement for a REAL DEAL to both agencies.  Hopefully they will get them!

climate change

how bout a wake up call

guess we already got that

how bout a slap in the face

again-same deal

how bout awareness

don't tell me you kept it from

the poor

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Phonecall made to our prime minister asking him, along with French president Sarkozy and Germany's leader Merkel, being the founding fathers of the European Union, to do all that is possible for the succeeding of a climate plan with a binding deal


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The effort shown in this

The effort shown in this site  to mobilise world opinion and put pressure on the leadership is praise worthy.  If the world opinion is roused and channelized properly it would have necessary impact on the impeding  nations to agree to the deal for better with our planet.Anxiety Cures

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