Robin Hood and his Merry Band battle Brussels Bankers

26 March, 2010 | GROW, Health and Education For All

Yesterday I joined Robin Hood and his Merry Band – leaving the forests of Sherwood to descend upon Brussels.

We were there to send a message to the leaders of Europe as they gathered to discuss jobs, growth and climate change at the EU Heads of State Summit. A tug of war between bankers on one side – calling for leaders to ‘save our bonuses’ – and Robin Hood and his Merry Band on the other, took place in front of the European Parliament.

Dozens of journalists and camera crews pitched up to see the EU leaders caught in the middle, wondering whose band to join.

Some supportive MEPs also strapped on their green masks to support the campaign – Robin’s arrows had already hit the European Parliament. They recently voted in favor of a resolution on “making financial transactions taxes work” by a massive 536-80.

The resolution calls upon the European Commission to explore how to implement such taxes in the best way possible. Who won the tug of war?

With my bow and arrows successfully wrangled through security, this Lady Marion is now looking forward to a snooze on the train.


Following the success of the Robin Hood Tax campaign in the UK, Europe is now following suit as organizations and networks are joining in the fight to ensure EU leaders agree and implement the Robin Hood Tax. This tiny tax of 0.05% on financial transactions could help EU leaders deliver on promises they’ve made to tackle the financial crisis, climate change and poverty, home and abroad. It’s quite simply a great idea!

In the UK, 70,000 people have voted in favor of the Robin Hood Tax on the RHT website, and 40,000 have signed up for e-mail updates. There are 140,000 Facebook fans and 3,000 Twitter followers, and over one million people have seen Bill Nighy and Richard Curtis’ promotional video. Momentum is gathering for this tiny tax.

The campaign is supported by: Oxfam International, CAN Europe, Friends of the Earth, European Public Health Alliance (EPHA),, Stop AIDS Alliance, CIDSE, European Attac Network, CNCD, European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), WEED, Campagna per la riforma della Banca Mondiale.


Men in Tights - GREEN ONES

Is this really asking you to be part of the World's Greatest Bank Job (ha ha ha ha) or a conniving way to encourage you to be a part of the Worlds Biggest Con Job?

I just have to wonder how many folk actually have heard about the 'Robin Hood Tax' ? - (RHT) and more importantly have taken the time to find out what it is? where it comes from? what is actually involved? Let me tell you right now it involves BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, and of course, should it come to pass, just who will administer it?

Reply to Just Me

The Robin Hood Tax campaign has launched in various forms in countries across Europe. 

To date, the largest campaign is in the UK (where I'm writing from) where it has already been described as 'formidable' by the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. In under two months the campaign has 160,000 fans on FB (def world's biggest bank job then!), been a constant trending topics on Twitter, there has been a debate in parliament about it, a quarter of MPs signed an early day motion supporting the tax and it has enjoyed regualr coverage in the media.

Supporters in the UK have been very involved with the campaign with the website recieving over a million hits. The videos explaining the campaign have also recieved over a million views.

For more information on how the tax would work and the proposals for where the money would go see the UK website.

The only 'bank job con' I can see happening is the way in which the financial system has been allowed to operate unregulated for years.

Long live Robin Hood!

Robin Hood Tax is good news for Ugandan scientists

The news about Robin Hood tax is being received whole heartedly in Uganda. I am finishing my first year of study at Makerere University Institute of Environment and Natural Resources. Although this is the time to generate baseline information much needed in effective distribution of carbon credits, Master's students like me are still limited by funds to participate. I personally need close to 5,000 Pounds for one year to conduct and extensive study about carbon stocks and mean annual squestering for two forests in Western Uganda. The report shall be submitted as Msc Thesis to the University and published thereafter. But that kind of money is too much for a self sponsored student in Uganda like my self. I am hopeful that such initiatives like Robin Hood tax can greatly cause change to millions in developing countries. Please notify me of related funding opportunities at


In the beginning with increasingly supported by the greediness of the next, mainly companies that attempt to raise profits at any cost and without regard to means.

Are curious that the current society “not conducted by money" and everything started in the beginning of the XXI SEC. when governments had left to have answer for a society in constant change.

Many historians describe it as "Neutral Freedom" as is described in historical documents...

I hope I can analyze what is really happening...

Robin Hood Story

Bankers are really smart people. It needs a lot of knowledge and experinece to get involved in battle with them. I really appreciate people who gets exactly what they want when they leave bank and don't pay too much for their services.