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6 December, 2010 | GROW
We'll put your tweets in this bottle and then place it outside the conference centre
We'll put your tweets in this bottle and then place it outside the conference centre

Calling all Twitter activists! As we move into the second week of the UN climate summit, we need you to help us send a tweet of urgency to government representatives meeting in Cancún, Mexico.

For 48 hours starting today, Oxfam is taking messages from people around the world. This is your opportunity to leave your mark on negotiations. On 8 December, we'll then print a selection of the best messages we receive and place them in a giant inflatable bottle that we've had made here in Cancún. Next we'll take the bottle and put it outside the conference centre where discussions are being held.

As we move into the final, critical week of the climate talks, this is the right moment to send a message to the heart of the UN negotiating process. And with press and reporters from all over the world already gathered at the conference centre in Cancún, our giant message in a bottle is bound to draw attention. Here's how to take part:

How do I take part?

It's easy. Just update your status and make sure your include the #tweetbottle hashtag. That way we'll know when your tweet has come through.

What should I tweet?

Short and to the point is best. And with experts stating that emissions needs to peak within the next decade, and with many of the world's poorest communities already suffering the effects, climate change is a pressing issue – so a tweet with some urgency would be best. You might also want to consider who your message could be directed to (using the @ function) or what other hashtags you could use alongside #tweetbottle.

How will you use my tweet?

We'll print a selection of the best tweets we receive onto boards, which we’ll then place in our large inflatable bottle. Then we'll put the bottle outside the conference centre – right in front of where government delegations will see it.

What if I don't use Twitter?

You can still take part too. Just leave us a comment in the box below (but please try to keep your comment down to just a few words).


Don't Print Save as WWF

Great idea, except the printing. Save as WWF and Save a Tree

save world

Its time for developed countries to pay!! under developed and developing countries have suffered alot due to poverty and lack of opportunities!! their voices were never been heard!! Developed countries have enjoyed luxury life at the cost of poor countries "labor power"!! yet again.. those development [especially industrialization] have damaged environment to the extent that we are reaching to "irreversible" state of change !! why to PUSH poor and ordinary people to save on energy only? [which is any way not significant!!] wake up big politicians and show your teeth !! walk the talk!! take action!! contribute to climate fund right now.. commit for GHG reduction straight away!! convince industrial state to revise their research and deve. in line with "green development".. more energy efficient products.. finance poor to effort "green technology"!!! please save world!!  



I see! This looks very very good :) I'm looking forward to sending my message (although I've been on twitter all day today, need to take a break I think!)

Your tweets in a bottle!

Thanks to everyone who submitted messages!

Here's what the #tweetbottle actually looks like!


Very nice idea.. Well we do tweet on twetter but now tweet in bollte sounds great.. Its really good thought.

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Very nice idea.. Well we do

Very nice idea.. Well we do tweet on twetter but now tweet in bollte sounds great.. Its really good thought.