10 of the world's most popular foods – which have you eaten?

16 June, 2011 | GROW

To coincide with the release of research on global attitudes to food, we’ve developed a little bit of fun – a tasters test based on 10 of the foods that emerged as strong favourites around the world in our research.

Have a look and see which of the 10 foods you’ve eaten. Then share the test, and sign up to the GROW campaign (in case you haven’t already!).

Food works for us on so many levels – it’s fuel for all of us, it can be a hobby, it can indicate where we’ve been in the world, what we’ve experienced, it can also be a point of pride. I’m sure you, like me, have had numerous conversations about the strange and exotic things you’ve eaten – chicken’s foot and witchetty grub in my case. At the least, these conversations are about sharing experience, and sometimes, they’re about competition – about seeing who has tasted most widely and exotically.

As well as fairly common foods and staples, like pizza and pasta, there are a lot of foods that weren’t familiar to team.

Have you tried Pinakbet? If you have, let us know how it tasted!

Have a go at our challenge, and share it with your friends.


Report - Word clouds

Page 23 Word Cloud (Spain) is missing PAELLA, which should have been the most prominent.

P31 Word Cloud (USA) the food ICE CREAM has the two word separated spatially, giving the impression it represent the 2 items ICE and CREAM rather than icecream.


Suggest having a lay person proof read before release in the future.


How could you ignore Biryani........?


pasta defeats all. pasta is the best food in the entire world, it has different flavours and shapes and techniches. The sauces, the products, the recipes, they all make for a perfect dish of food. Pasta is one of the most interesting foods of all, much more interesting than chips, or pizza or sandwiches.


i suggest everybody goes out and buys their pasta today.

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