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25 October, 2011 | Health and Education For All
G20 leaders caricatures. Flickr image: DonkeyHotey
G20 leaders caricatures. Flickr image: DonkeyHotey

The G20 countries represent around 90% of global gross national product, 80% of world trade, and two thirds of the world population. Isn’t it their responsibility to make real progress during the 2-day summit in Cannes?

The big issue on this year’s agenda is the current financial crisis, which has put 64 million people into poverty. G20 members have the mandate and the means to not only resolve this problem now, but to make sustainable solutions that will help us achieve global stability and resilience. So, in the lead up to the Summit, we are putting the pressure on the G20 to make changes to our global economy that will free up new resources so that people can escape from poverty.

Join us and make your voice heard.  Send a message on Twitter using #tweetG20 and let them know what they need to do! We’ll bring the 10 most creative tweets to the mass demonstration in Nice on November 1st. We’ve provided some samples below to get you inspired, but feel free to customize your message, the more creative the better!

  • #TweetG20: an #FTT within #G20 countries alone could raise $50 billion/yr for development. It’s time for #FTT now!
  • #TweetG20: The cost of the financial crisis can’t be the lives of people in the world’s poorest countries. #FTT #G20 
  • The #G20 has the power to turn a global crisis into a global opportunity! #TweetG20

Our collective voice needs to be loud and clear: it’s time for the G20 to take action!

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Please Say NO to Robin Hood Tax


As a concerned citizen breathing and working in our world, I strongly encourage that we do not allow the passing of the Robin Hood Tax.  We are already struggling with the power of influence being taken away from individuals and being handed over to corporations and banks.  Unfortunately, this tax will only be used as another vehicle of control which will harm those that are seeking to provide for themselves and their families.  PLEASE SAY NO TO ROBIN HOOD TAX!


Most Sincerely and in Peace!

are you sarcastic, or are you serious?

Dear breathing citizen of the world,            

On the behalf of all other breathing (and working or unemployed) citizens of the world who can not afford a computer and an internet connection, I will state that taking money from bankers and giving it to the poor is good. However, if you rather another solution, please share it with the rest of us.           

Yours truly,           

Another breathing and working citizen of the world

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