Zolani Mahola, one of the People Power artists. Photo: 350.org
Zolani Mahola is one of the People Power artists. Photo: 350.org

Help us build a ‘Radio Wave’ for climate action

24 November, 2011 | GROW

With song and stories, people around the world are taking to the radio airwaves, sharing the realities of the climate crisis and calling on people to take action in the lead up to the 2011 UN Climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa. 

From 21 November through 2 December 350.org, supported by Oxfam, are inviting people to use the power of song and our voices to take the climate movement to the airwaves.

A group of African musicians including Angelique Kidjo, Zap Mama and Talib Kweli have created a new song, which you can download for free,  titled “People Power.” This inspiring song explores the devastating impacts that climate change is already having in Africa and throughout our world, and it calls us to action.

"People Power" (radio version) by 350RadioWaves. Uploaded with Gobbler

In Africa, where this year’s major UN Climate Conference is taking place, many people, especially women, rely on being able to grow their own food to survive. But the changing climate is having a devastating impact on their crops.

The goal of Radio Wave is to create a global wave of radio broadcasts playing this powerful song, discussing the local and global impacts of climate change, and calling on listeners to join the movement for change. By building a critical mass of people talking about climate change we can highlight the urgent need for progress in the UN climate negotiations.

Sound like something you want to be part of?

Start a wave in your community 

Join the global Radio Wave by arranging a radio interview with your favourite DJ or radio host, to play the free song and to give your own story of how climate is affecting your community and what you and your community are doing about it!

Resources to help you start a wave

> Download the free ‘People Power’ song
> Download  a sample script for an interview and key talking points about climate change impacts, Radio Wave and the upcoming UN climate negotiations. 
> Visit 350.org to register your wave
: make sure to record ‘Oxfam’ in the same field as you record your name and to check out their handy resources about organising a radio interview
> Coming soon: Download free 30 second stories from climate affected communities in South Africa designed to be played on radio

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UN Climate Change Summit 2011 in Durban


Call for action.......

Petition to Define Limits to Economic and Population Growth in the Town of Chapel Hill, presented to Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt and the Town Council of Chapel Hill, NC on November 21, 2011.

Steven Earl Salmony Opening Remarks ——- In Chapel Hill and around the world, it is all the same: many too many people can be found in too many places destroying the natural world for personal economic gain. Many human-induced pressures on Earth’s finite resources and its frangible ecology, that directly result from the unbridled global growth of overconsumption, overproduction and overpopulation activities by the human species, put demands on the natural world that can overwhelm any efforts to achieve a sustainable future for children, not only in Chapel Hill but elsewhere on the surface of our planetary home. If we are to halt the reckless destruction of Earth as a viable resource base as well as the irreversible degradation of an already polluted environment and a warming climate, we must accept limits to growth.

We must start somewhere soon to chart a sustainable course. Endless economic and population growth appear to be unsustainable. Let us consider now and here ways we can humanely, fairly, equitably and realistically define limits to economic and population growth in Chapel Hill, while there is still time to do so. Once the comfortable and friendly size of Chapel Hill is lost due to economic and population growth pressures, Chapel Hill’s quality of life and special characteristics will be impossible to regain.

Perhaps we can “think globally” about the predicament seven billion human beings present to the viability of Earth as a fit place for human habitation. Then we choose to”act locally” in ways that move us in the direction of a sustainable future for children everywhere and for life as we know it.

A Petition to Define Limits to Economic and Population Growth in Chapel Hill

Whereas the Town of Chapel Hill appears to be outgrowing the comfortable and friendly size that has made it a wonderful place to live, raise children, work and retire; and
Whereas increasing traffic congestion, crime and other social ills are presenting worrisome trends that result from human population growth which will eventually degrade Chapel Hill’s eco-friendly environs, deplete its limited natural resources and conceivably ruin what makes our town beautiful and special; and
Whereas the Town of Chapel Hill has established limits and the Great State of North Carolina has boundary lines that separate it from adjacent states; and
Whereas the USA has borders that confirm the limits of authorized human activity under its regulations and laws as well as distinguish itself as a separate nation; and
Whereas Earth is round, bounded and finite with frangible environs not flat, unbounded and unperturbed by human production, consumption and population activities of the human species worldwide; and
Whereas there are well-known biological and physical “rules of the house” in our planetary home that are categorically different from the manmade laws which regulate day to day production, consumption and population activities of human species, but are no less important to citizens of Chapel Hill, the State of NC and the USA as well as to the global citizenry of the human family, precisely because the biophysical reality of God’s Creation places immutable limits on the unbridled global growth of human overproduction, overconsumption and overpopulation activities; and
Whereas a billion human beings were added to family of humanity worldwide in the last dozen years (1999 to 2011); and
Whereas in the month of October 2011 we expect that the seven billionth human being will join the human community; and
Whereas there are more human beings in November 2011 existing on resources valued at less than two dollars per day globally than were alive on Earth in the year of my birth (2.3+ billion in March 1945); and
Whereas we have heard many times, understood well enough, and can reasonably be expected to at least consider acting in a morally responsible way upon a shibboleth of humanity that goes like this, “Think globally, act locally,”

Now, Therefore, It appears appropriate to Propose and Present this brief Summary of a Program for Action.

As a part of the town-wide envisioning process to consciously and deliberately manage economic and population growth in the Town of Chapel Hill between now and 2020, leaders, planners and stakeholders will assure that the maintenance of the unique character and the quality of life in Chapel Hill, as we enjoy it now, is protected and preserved for the children and future generations. To accomplish this goal, various scenarios or different elements of a single scenario will be developed with the hope that the following steps will be examined for their efficacy.

Because overpopulation is ultimately a local issue, set an optimum/maximum population size for the Town of Chapel Hill in 2020. This goal can be fulfilled by adopting growth-management policies related to limits on the number of new residential dwelling units and to additional eco-friendly curbs on commercial developments per year between now and 2020. Zoning regulations can be promulgated to further restrict the size of residential, commercial and industrial buildings within the town limits. The reality-oriented adoption of “soft caps” on economic and population growth will make it possible for the Town of Chapel Hill to sensibly acknowledge and adequately address the considerable and potentially unsustainable growth pressures that are readily visible on our watch.

Steven Earl Salmony
1834 North Lakeshore Drive

Venez pie pas passé loin

Venez pie pas passé loin quand négative, aller vers Xi Xi Chennai Ruo

Remember to Severn Suzuki?

Hi I, If someone haven't seen it: the first climate conference with Severn Suzuki. This always makes me think...


The video got subtitles if someone doesn't understand  well. 


Comment on the blessed world we inhabit.......

It is almost 2012. Why have many academicians apparently been rendered dumbstruck during my lifetime by what is all-too-obvious? Absolute global human population numbers can be clearly seen skyrocketing since the end of World War II. Are experts playing stupid? Have they been mislead by personal arrogance, extreme foolhardiness and wanton greed or overcome by a lust for influence, privilege and power? Or all of the above? When I was born, 2.3 billion human beings lived on Earth. In a single lifetime of threescore and ten years (1945 – 2015) human population numbers are projected and fully expected to increase by 5+/- billion people. How can so many economists and demographers not see what is happening? Do their professional activities have something to do with science? I say no, definitely not.
I find much preternatural thought and unscientific research but cannot locate adequate scientific evidence that supports the idea of “human exceptionalism” with regard to the population dynamics of the human species. Although the idea of human exceptionalism is known to be specious from a scientific point of view, because it is of vital importance to ideologues and those who primarily benefit from the way the global political economy is organized and managed, human exceptionalism has not been the subject of sufficient scrutiny by scientists and consequently allowed to stand uncontested during my lifetime. Even today scientists refuse identify the idea of human exceptionalism regarding human population dynamics as the false proposition it is. They remain electively mute when confronted with scientific research that directly contradicts the idea of human exceptionalism. Where is the scientific research to support the idea that human beings are somehow exempted from ecological “rules of the house” in our planetary home, as many so-called experts in economics and demography have regularly and adamantly proclaimed since the time of my birth.
The family of humanity appears to have been confused and harmed for many too many years by ideologically driven sycophants and absurdly enriched minions of the rich and powerful who have dishonestly been laying claim to scientific knowledge that they have not ever possessed. Demographaphers and economists are not scientists, the imprimatur of the IUSSP and the Nobel Prize Committee notwithstanding. These disciplines never have been fields of scientific study and never will be, at least not until demographic theories and economic models conform to the biological and physical laws of the world we inhabit, laws based upon the best available science. Science is. And whatsoever is is, is it not?
Extant scientific research of human population dynamics/overpopulation has been consciously and deliberately ignored by scientists with adequate expertise. They have failed to stand up for science and humanity by speaking truth to the greedmongering movers and shakers of the global political economy who rule the world in our time and appear dead set on ravaging the Earth and degrading its environs until the planet is an unfit place for children everywhere to inhabit. If my perspective could somehow be on the right track, then we are bearing witness not only to the greatest failure of nerve, intellectual honesty, moral courage of all time, but also to an incomprehensible loss of capacity to do the right thing, according to the lights each of us possesses.
If the population dynamics of the human species is essentially similar (not different from or exceptional) to the population dynamics of other species, then the most attractive, widely shared and consensually validated idea of a seemingly magical, automatic, benign demographic transition to population stabilization of the human species on Earth in the middle of Century XXI is a colossal mistake with potentially profound implications for future human well being and environmental health.

I think we all people need to

I think we all people need to support. You people are doing good work by  arranging such kind of radio interviews. we should share the things so  that other people can get idea and save the environment.

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