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Tweet in a bottle

Calling all Twitter activists! As we move into the second week of the UN climate summit, we need you to help us send a tweet of urgency to government representatives meeting in Cancún, Mexico.

An idea that could save lives

Continuing with the theme of covering some of the 'hot topics' at this week's Cancun climate summit, I wanted to delve into an issue that Oxfam is hoping to see progress on during the coming week or so – international climate finance. Not the most inspiringly named topic, I know. But stick with me now – it's not as dry as it sounds.

If you were to break down Oxfam's climate change campaign (and I'm probably going to upset some of my colleagues in the policy team by simplifying the issue like this), it could roughly be separated into two demands.

Beyond the US vs. China

From 29 November until 12 December, Richard Casson will be blogging from the United Nation climate summit in Cancun, Mexico.  Read his other entries here.

As a 'newbie' to United Nations summits (I've never been to one of these conferences before) I was advised yesterday morning to take an hour to attend the opening ceremony.

UN climate talks ‘irrelevant’? Absolutely not, says Oxfam

It's getting late here in Cancun. The blazing sun has set on the Caribbean coast, and a weekend of briefings is drawing to close before the next round of UN climate change negotiations officially begins tomorrow.

A warm 'Buenos días', from the Oxfam team at the Cancún climate summit

Hello. Richard here from Oxfam. Over the next three weeks I'll be writing regularly for this blog. In just a few days time I'll be travelling to the United Nation's summit in Cancún. The event I'll be attending is an international meeting that takes place once a year where government representatives from across the world meet to assess progress on tackling climate change.

Take a look at our spanking new climate quiz

For the past few months, we’ve been beavering away, working on a project with some famous campaigners, celebrities and well-known bloggers.

Well, we’re proud to say that it’s now time to ditch the old name and officially launch (under its proper name) The Climate Challenge – our brand-new, interactive quiz about climate change.

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