An image from the launch of GROW campaign in Burkino Faso.

#GROW Week Day 4: a photo wrap up

18 October, 2012 | GROW

An issue that we face in telling stories from around the world is language. One of the ways of getting around that barrier, and bring stories to life, is through pictures. Over the last couple of days we’ve had some fantastic images that show how amazing Oxfam’s work can be. Here are some of my favourites:

In Burkino Faso they’re talking to university students about GROW issues and one of the ways they’re doing this is with a photo exhibition. I love the images they’ve got – the picture at the top of the page is from there.

Throughout the week I’ve been highlighting some of the great stuff going on the Philippines. But this picture, of a female farmer is amazing (sorry I don’t have more details to share) 

In Belgium, Oxfam has been taking to the streets and protesting outside of the meetings of the European Seed Association. The Association is lobbying for more control over how seeds are bought and sold – this would be bad news for the small-scale farmers that we work with.


And in Azerbaijan a strawberry farming project is changing rural women’s lives.

Join Oxfam's call for the World Bank to freeze their land deals while they find a fairer way


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