Oxfam water supplies bound for Syria. Photo: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam

Aid from Oxfam heads to Syria

16 September, 2013 | Conflict & Emergencies

After months of assisting refugees in neighboring countries, Oxfam now aims to help 300,000 Syrians access clean water.

There is a subject that almost never comes up in the news from Syria: water. But as bombs and mortar shells rain down on communities—damaging the infrastructure that once protected public health—contaminated water may at times prove as deadly as the weapons of war.

After months of assisting refugees in neighboring countries like Jordan and Lebanon, Oxfam is now ramping up its water and sanitation program inside Syria. As the BBC reported, we shipped out our first batch of supplies yesterday—20 tons of equipment, including seven storage tanks that can each hold 95,000 liters of water.

Once the shipment arrives in Damascus, Oxfam’s technical team on the ground will work with local water engineers and technicians to get the water flowing in hard-hit communities.

 Our goal in Syria: clean water for 300,000 people.

“It’s really important we get safe, clean water to people,” says Oxfam’s Ian Bray.

In the rubble and devastation of Syria, that point is hard to argue.

Millions of people are affected by this crisis and need your help. Oxfam urgently needs your support to carry out our response to this emergency. Donate now.

Originally posted by Oxfam America.

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