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14 July 2014 | Arwa Mhanna
People keep asking me how the situation in Gaza is right now, and I don't know how to begin describing it. Scary. Dangerous. Confusing. So many emotions.  The airstrikes happen everywhere, anytime, day and night. At night is the most difficult time. The bombing intensifies and I can feel it getting closer and closer. I'm exhausted but I try and force myself not to fall asleep... the explosions are even scarier when they wake you up.  I prefer to be awake when they strike. 
22 January 2014 | Alun McDonald
Recent floods in Gaza drove thousands of people from their homes in the harshest winter in years. Outgoing Oxfam media officer Karl Schembri, has shared with us this piece, his final blog at the end of four years in Gaza. He finds that hope is still alive and people just want to provide a future for their families.
28 November 2012 | Lara El Jazairi
The fish market in Gaza has been buzzing these past few days—for the first time in six years, fishermen have been allowed to fish up to six nautical miles from Gaza’s coastline. As part of the cease-fire deal reached between Israel and Hamas on 21 November, Israel agreed to facilitate people’s movement in the areas of Gaza commonly known as the “buffer zone”, which includes the sea and farmland along Gaza’s perimeter.
21 September 2010 | Catherine Weibel
Palestinian fishermen in Gaza need access to the sea, not imports of fish from Israel, reports Oxfam’s Catherine Weibel.
24 November 2009 | Catherine Weibel
Gazans don’t want to rely on aid. They want to work on their land, reports Catherine Weibel.
7 April 2009 | Michael Bailey
A truck load of Pampers is driven into the Kerem Shalom crossing ahead of us.  One consignment of 36 wooden pallets piled to a height of 160 cm. Not enough to meet the household needs in Gaza where 170 babies are born every day. “We have seen a lot of Pampers and toilet rolls recently,” confides the Israeli army major who is assigned to liaise with the humanitarian community. Also macaroni and spaghetti now that they been approved at the political level of the Israeli...
17 February 2009 | Michael Bailey
Three weeks after both sides declared a ceasefire, the effects of further Palestinian rocket attacks and Israeli missile strikes are being felt across the Gaza Strip, writes Michael Robin Bailey. I am standing next to the drinking water well in El Atattara. There was a big jagged hole in the wall. Large enough to climb through.
9 February 2009 | Michael Bailey
Reporting back from Gaza during the tenuous ceasefire, Oxfam's Michael Bailey gives a firsthand view of the consequences of war.
7 January 2009 | Joel M Bassuk
Plans change. I had been thinking that my first post of the year was going to be about wishing that you all had a wonderful holiday, and thanking you for your support of Oxfam over the past year. But the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza has pre-empted that plan. As fighting between the Israeli army and Hamas militias has intensified over the last two weeks, the impact on civilians has been terrible, with innocent women, men and children being killed and injured.