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28 November 2012 | Sophia Murphy
All things being equal, countries benefit from more open trade. But all things are not equal. For women, the context is almost always one of inequality. To protect and advance women’s rights, it’s time for trade negotiators to start discriminating.By Sophia Murphy, senior advisor to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
27 November 2012 | Joanna Kerr
Governments and development agencies need to shift the onus of feeding the world away from time-strapped impoverished women, and instead support their organizing and cultivate their traditional knowledge. We also need to rethink women’s unpaid care work and lack of time as fundamental issues of food security.By Joanna Kerr, CEO of ActionAid International
23 November 2012 | Alexandra Spieldoch
The women’s movement hasn’t been proactive about defining its own platform for action on food justice, and we are noticeably absent from spaces where decisions are made. We need to break out of our silos, strengthen our technical expertise, and start shaping the political process rather than stand on the Alexandra Spieldoch, women's rights activist, formerly with WOCAN