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3 September 2013 | Marc-Olivier Herman
What comes first: food or fuel? Ask your Member of the European ParliamentNext week, the European Parliament will vote on the reform of Europe’s biofuels legislation. By a show of hands they will answer one very simple question: what comes first, food of fuel?To drive or to eatWhat’s more important? The answer to this question should be straightforward. But not for the biofuels industry and farming lobbies that have been relentless in their efforts to capture European decision-making to serve...
29 August 2013 | Stephanie Burgos
The recent assassination of Paraguayan small-farmer leader Lorenzo Areco is a stark reminder that access to land is literally a matter of life and death in Paraguay.
27 February 2013 | Marc-Olivier Herman
Biofuels were back in the spotlight in Brussels last week when the European Parliament and European Energy Ministers gathered to discuss a review of EU biofuels legislation. Oxfam is concerned that EU policy creates incentives for biofuels production which pushes up food prices, encourages land grabs and, in many cases, increases rather than reduces dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.
2 July 2012 | Jeremy Hobbs
Fernando Lugo is the latest victim of Paraguay’s “soy war.” Elected president in 2008 as a “champion of the poor,” Lugo was impeached late last month, plunging this poorest of South American countries into uncertainty.
11 April 2012 | Jeremy Hobbs
Hunger affects about 1 billion people around the world, and as the economic crisis continues, the push for growth can actually make matters worse.
8 June 2011 | Duncan Green
OK, so petitions aren't exactly novel. In fact they were used back in the 19th century by the abolitionists (as were most modern campaign methods, with the exception of blogging, I guess). But the reason we still use them is because they work – petitions show how much the public cares about an issue, and they provide evidence for the good guys and scare the bad guys. We've seen them work before, let's make it happen again – dear reader, you can make a difference!