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25 February 2014 | Geno Teofilo

Oxfam media officer Geno Teofilo reports on urgent humanitarian needs – including shelter from the upcoming rainy season – during a visit to South Sudanese refugee centers in northern Uganda.

14 February 2014 | Aimee Brown

“Even if peace would come, we cannot return home. We are not safe.” 

These words, spoken by a grandmother who I met at an IDP camp in South Sudan, demonstrate the depth of the rifts that exist in this young nation.  It also gives an indication of the challenges that need to be surmounted to get this country back to where it was before 15 December last year – and even more optimistically, on a path to steady development.

12 February 2014 | Steve Cockburn

Moussa – not his real name - stood with his last pile of groundnuts, just one of three traders left in a vast, empty market that, before the recent conflict in Central African Republic, used to burst with life. He told me that he had already sent his wife and children out of the country, because he feared for their safety. As soon as he sold his last stock, he would go too.

22 January 2014 | Alun McDonald

Recent floods in Gaza drove thousands of people from their homes in the harshest winter in years. Outgoing Oxfam media officer Karl Schembri, has shared with us this piece, his final blog at the end of four years in Gaza. He finds that hope is still alive and people just want to provide a future for their families.

15 January 2014 | Grace Cahill

Not yet three years old and only beginning to know what peace feels like, the world’s newest country—South Sudan—is again in the throes of extreme violence. Since fighting broke out in Juba, the capital, on December 15, close to 10,000 people have been killed and almost 400,000 others have fled their homes.

Oxfam is working with the UN and other agencies to help families get food, clean water, and sanitation facilities. But the needs of displaced people are increasingly dire.

10 October 2013 | Aissatou Sall

Oxfam and WILDAF today launch a report based on a survey in June 2013 of almost 2000 people originating from the north of Mali, in order to understand the impact of the conflict in northern Mali on social relations and the prospects for reconciliation.

17 July 2013 | Ferran Puig

Last Tuesday South Sudan, the world's youngest country, celebrated its second anniversary. The new country gained independence on 9th July, 2011 after a referendum held in January that year with an overwhelming 98.83% of voters supporting independence.

25 June 2013 | Jane Beesley

Reema is a 12-year old girl who had to flee her country, Syria, with her parents and siblings. They found refuge in Lebanon. That was a year ago.

Reema was a bright student and loved studying, but she hasn't been able to go to school since she left her country. She still enjoys writing and drawing, to tell her tragic story. Here below is one of her texts, in which she remembers her "last day at home" in Syria.

7 June 2013 | Josephine Whitaker

“We don’t have water. We don’t have electricity on a regular basis. There are lots of rats and mice running around. Nothing is hygienic. It’s impossible to keep everything clean. The roof leaks... we never lived like this in Syira. We never thought we would ever have to live like this.”
Yasmin*, 33, mother of four

31 May 2013 | Anna MacDonald

Anna Macdonald, Oxfam's Head of Arms Control, gave this speech at the UK's Foreign Commonwealth Office Arms Trade Treaty Reception (15 May 2013), to celebrate ten years of Control Arms Campaigning which culminated with the UN's 2 April 2013 vote in favor of a global arms trade treaty.

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