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27 July 2011 | Jim Clarken

Someone once said to me that the worst sight in the world was a hungry mother trying to nurse a hungry, crying baby. In East Africa, and particularly Somalia, this is the scenario being played out each day now.

Mothers and fathers, having literally run out of options when it comes to providing the basics for their children, are burying them instead of being able to nurture them.

As a parent myself, I could imagine the despair to which parents were driven in this terrible struggle to survive.

21 July 2011 | Richard Casson

If you've visited Oxfam's website in the last few days, seen the news, or read the papers then you'll no doubt be aware of the humanitarian emergency that is unfolding in East Africa.

Oxfam and many other aid organisations have launched emergency appeals to respond to what's been described as ‘the most severe food security emergency in the world today.'

15 July 2011 | Sophie McGrath

Oxfam is running emergency cash for work programs to help families who have lost all their income due to drought. Oxfam intern Sophie McGrath reports from the field:

14 July 2011 | Ed Pomfret

The drought in East Africa is an urgent humanitarian crisis, but one which also highlights the underlying problems people face in having sustainable and affordable access to food.

22 October 2009 | Joel M Bassuk

My colleague Marc Cohen, a senior researcher at Oxfam America, reflects on the 25th anniversary since the devastating famine of 1984 in Ethiopia. He was in the country a few months ago.

20 January 2009 | Joel M Bassuk

Some people still ask how climate change and poverty fit together. The people in Ethiopia could tell you. While Ethiopia’s contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions may be relatively small, the people of Ethiopia are facing the challenge of having to adapt to the effects of climate change – such as erratic rainfall, increased temperature, and recurring droughts.

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