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21 June 2014 | Al Kinley

Jose Mourinho has the opportunity to score the golden goal of a lifetime! Is he ready to take his game through a 5 step plan to beat the keeper and score against hunger?

Jose Mourinho’s new role is probably the most meaningful of his life time. As the new UN Global Ambassador Against Hunger he has an opportunity to score against climate change - the single biggest threat to beating hunger.

5 June 2014 | Anna Kramer

Ever wonder what words like “food insecurity” actually mean? This infographic can help.

Recently, a friend of mine almost got into trouble with the US government. As he returned home from a few months of humanitarian work in a Middle Eastern country, the immigration officers at the airport kept questioning him about his job.

“It was strange,” he told me. “For some reason, they thought I was some kind of armed guard. They even asked if I carried a gun.”

“Why?” I asked. “After all, your job was to make sure families weren’t going hungry.”

24 April 2014 | Farah Karimi

As soon as the plane lands  in Gao, I see the first signs of fighting in Mali. Little is left of what was once an international airport. The waiting rooms are marked with bullet holes. Windows have  been blown out of their frames. The road between Bamako and Gao is still not secure enough to travel, and we have to use a UN flight.

23 April 2014 | Stephanie Burgos

As international negotiations on what constitutes responsible agricultural investment are set to get underway in Rome next month under the auspices of the UN’s Committee on World Food Security (CFS), one in eight people still suffers from hunger.  Food insecurity today is not simply a problem of supply, but rather of access.

31 March 2014 | Tim Gore

Today leading international experts on climate change, the IPCC, presented their latest report on the impacts of climate change on humanity, and what we can do about it. It’s a lengthy report, so we’ve boiled it down to Oxfam's five key takeaways on climate change and hunger.

1. Climate change: the impacts on crops are worse than we thought.

Climate change has already meant declines in global yields of staple crops, and it is set to get worse.

12 February 2014 | Steve Cockburn

Moussa – not his real name - stood with his last pile of groundnuts, just one of three traders left in a vast, empty market that, before the recent conflict in Central African Republic, used to burst with life. He told me that he had already sent his wife and children out of the country, because he feared for their safety. As soon as he sold his last stock, he would go too.

23 September 2013 | John Magrath

The long-drawn out gestation of the latest assessment of global climate change enters a new phase today (Monday, 23 September) in Stockholm, Sweden, as scientists and government civil servants gather to discuss the first instalment of the new report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This section of the IPCC's Fifth Assessment Report focuses on the physical science basis of the climate system and climate change and after all the discussions, it will be officially published on Friday, 27 September.

22 March 2013 | Rebecca David

As the debate on the national Indian Food Security Bill reaches parliament, Oxfam India Program Officer Rebecca S. David outlines the benefits of such policies in one state in Central India.

At a public hearing organized by Oxfam and the State Right to Food Network Sonkali, a widowed mother and landless labourer, told people how she lost her only sense of security – a ration card entitling her to food subsidies through the state government’s Public Distribution System (PDS).

24 January 2013 | Chris Hufstader

Before completely turning my back on 2012, I am reflecting on Oxfam’s work in the Sahel over the last year. After a season of poor or erratic rains across the region in 2011, Oxfam and many other humanitarian groups feared that another bad harvest in 2012 would push millions into starvation.

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