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8 May 2014 | Claire Godfrey

Oxfam’s report showing how developing countries have been marginalised in the process of reforming the rules for taxing multinational enterprises has been well received – unsurprisingly, perhaps, since the evidence of political marginalisation and of lost revenues is fairly clear.

2 May 2014 | Winnie Byanyima

After the world was plunged into a financial crisis, back in 2009, G20 leaders promised to clean up the international tax system, once and for all.

12 February 2014 | Winnie Byanyima

International agreement on the need to take action against rising and damaging economic inequality is gathering pace.

4 September 2013 | Caroline Hooper-Box

Listen: Tax dodging & Syria – why the G20 matters

Oxfam's Emma Seery reports from St Petersburg:

The g20, St. Petersburg, tweetG20

3 September 2013 | Emma Seery

While disagreements over Syria are likely to dominate the annual G20 Summit in St Petersburg this week, leaders are at least in agreement about one key issue on the table: the need to rewrite global corporate tax rules.

22 February 2013 | Caroline Hooper-Box

Corruption, extortion and money laundering will be on the agenda this week (Feb 25-26) when the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group meets in Moscow. They will have to act decisively and strongly to stem the flood of dirty money bleeding poor countries dry.

20 June 2012 | Victoria Marzilli

How could world leaders simply ignore the nearly one billion people living in poverty? That’s the question that many international aid agencies are asking as this year’s G20 Summit comes to a close. The self-designated forum for global economic issues, they seem to have forgotten the "global" part. While Mexican President Felipe Calderon set out an ambitious agenda for the summit including food security, sustainable development and climate change, most of the discussion was focused around the Euro crisis.

19 June 2012 | Victoria Marzilli

The G20 Summit is officially underway in sunny Los Cabos, Mexico. The usual tourists in San Jose del Cabo (one of the two towns of Los Cabos) have been replaced by camera crews, journalists, and development junkies all abuzz with the issue of the day: the euro crisis. But what Oxfam and other major organizations are campaigning for is for G20 leaders to think much broader than the European Union.

15 June 2012 | Victoria Marzilli

As this year's G20 Summit nears (three days to go), Oxfam activists gathered today at the Revolution Monument – a hub for civil society demonstrations in Mexico City - to keep pressure on world leaders. Today’s stunt underlined Oxfam’s call for action on hunger and poverty with a bold display, showing that G20 leaders hold the key to a sustainable, equitable, and food-secure future.

11 June 2012 | Victoria Marzilli

What is the G20?

The G20 – or group of 20 – started as a group of finance ministers and central bank governors from 20 major economies (it’s actually 19 countries, plus the European Union) that gather annually to discuss key issues in the global economy. Since 2008, the G20 has met at the Head of State level. Collectively, the G20 economies account for two thirds of the world population and more than 80 percent of the gross world product (GWP). The G20 has declared itself to be the world’s premier forum for economic development, setting high expectations. 

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