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6 December 2012 | Richard Casson

Read the latest from behind the scenes with Oxfam's team as UN climate talks draw to a close in Doha, Qatar. (Time stamps are Arabia Standard Time - AST).

11 April 2012 | Jeremy Hobbs

Hunger affects about 1 billion people around the world, and as the economic crisis continues, the push for growth can actually make matters worse.

11 December 2010 | Richard Casson

As is being reported worldwide today (see coverage from the New York Times and from the BBC), progress has been made at the UN climate summit in Cancún. So, while we continue to pore through the text that was published last night, here's a quick overview of yesterday's events:

10 December 2010 | Richard Casson

Since UN climate talks began in Mexico last week, there's been one issue that's threatened to seriously derail progress here at the summit – Japan's decision to back away from the Kyoto Protocol.

Why is this a big deal? The Kyoto Protocol is the world's only legally binding agreement for the reduction of greenhouse gases. Adopted in 1997, Kyoto obligates countries to take action to tackle climate change. And until more ambitious targets and policies are agreed internationally, Kyoto remains the only solution we've got.

8 December 2010 | Natalie Brook

Natalie Brook explains the how climate change often has a disproportionate impact on women. Read more from Oxfam's team at the UN climate summit here.

As obvious as it sounds, climate change affects everybody. From the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina in 2005, through to the floods that covered Pakistan in July this year, we're all in this together.

6 December 2010 | Richard Casson

Calling all Twitter activists! As we move into the second week of the UN climate summit, we need you to help us send a tweet of urgency to government representatives meeting in Cancún, Mexico.

4 December 2010 | Richard Casson

Continuing with the theme of covering some of the 'hot topics' at this week's Cancun climate summit, I wanted to delve into an issue that Oxfam is hoping to see progress on during the coming week or so – international climate finance. Not the most inspiringly named topic, I know. But stick with me now – it's not as dry as it sounds.

If you were to break down Oxfam's climate change campaign (and I'm probably going to upset some of my colleagues in the policy team by simplifying the issue like this), it could roughly be separated into two demands.

3 December 2010 | Conor Costello

Last time I wrote was just before the India National People’s Tribunal on Climate change. After months of planning, it’s hard to believe that it took place over 10 days ago. Here’s how it went:

The morning of the Indian National Peoples Tribunal on Climate Crisis. At 08.30 the Indian Islamic Cultural Centre in the heart of New Delhi was quiet and calm. A lone figure mopped the floors near the auditorium. But apart from that, nothing moved.

1 December 2010 | Richard Casson

From 29 November until 12 December, Richard Casson will be blogging from the United Nation climate summit in Cancun, Mexico.  Read his other entries here.

As a 'newbie' to United Nations summits (I've never been to one of these conferences before) I was advised yesterday morning to take an hour to attend the opening ceremony.

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