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27 February 2014 | Irit Tamir

When customers speak, businesses listen. It’s an old adage in business that Oxfam and its supporters tested to see if this would be true on issues of sustainability and human rights.

We launched the Behind the Brands Scorecard a year ago, to highlight issues in the supply chains of the Big 10 food and beverage companies: Associated British Foods, Coca-Cola, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Mars, Mondelez, Nestle, PepsiCo, and Unilever.

25 February 2014 | Georgi York

It’s not only Diana Ross who is left singing “upside down you’re turning me…” In the last twelve months Oxfam and hundreds of thousands of people around the world have joined together to shake-up the way the food and beverage industry impact people and planet. And it’s working! Things are changing.

26 November 2013 | Georgi York

After 250,000 people joined the call for Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Associated British Foods (ABF), three of the biggest players in the sugar industry to make sure the sugar in their food and drinks doesn’t lead to land grabs, Coca-Cola committed to take steps to stop land grabs in their supply chain. Now it’s time to push Pepsi and ABF to do the same.

21 October 2013 | Victoria Marzilli

Explaining the links that connect the sugar in your Coke or Pepsi to the global scandal of land grabs that kick poor farmers off their land can be a long and winding story.

17 October 2013 | Georgi York

Yesterday was World Food Day. It was also an exciting day for the Behind the Brands campaign, with stunts taking place in the USA, the Netherlands, and Canada. But what’s the connection between the two? How is some volunteers holding a banner outside of PepsiCo and Coca-Cola signs connected to a global day uniting people in the fight against hunger?

11 October 2013 | Judy Beals

How hard do you think it is for a company to say “We don’t tolerate human rights abuses”? Imagine a really famous multi-million-dollar one that depends upon having fantastic public relations all over the world. Surely that company would want everyone to know it has zero tolerance towards, say, land grabs happening in its supply chain? Wouldn’t you think?

8 October 2013 | Stephanie Burgos

Cargill's land acquisitions not only affect small farmers’ access to land, but the peace process and rule of law.

3 October 2013 | Judy Beals

Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Associated British Foods (ABF) have had varied reactions to Oxfam’s new report, Sugar Rush, exposing land grabs and conflicts in their sugar supply chains, and their need to strengthen their policies as a result.

17 June 2013 | Emma Seery

This year, David Cameron put two issues that matter to the poorest countries on the G8 agenda; cracking down on tax dodging that blights ordinary families around the world – especially in poor countries, and stopping unfair land deals that keep people hungry.  

13 June 2013 | Adam Musgrave

Written by Adam Musgrave, Oxfam's Senior Global Campaigner.

G8 leaders arrive in Northern Ireland

Today, I’m packing my bags and heading off to Enniskillen in Northern Ireland for the G8 Summit.

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