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13 December 2012 | Tim Gore

In the middle of the second week of the UN climate change conference in Doha was a simple ceremony to mark the hand-over of the chair of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) negotiating group from Gambia to Nepal. It is undeniable that this group of 48 of the poorest countries in the world in recent years has grown in strength and stature at the climate change negotiating table.

6 December 2012 | Richard Casson

Read the latest from behind the scenes with Oxfam's team as UN climate talks draw to a close in Doha, Qatar. (Time stamps are Arabia Standard Time - AST).

2 December 2012 | Richard Casson

Here's a statistic that I found when browsing the archives of the UNFCCC website the other day: At the UN climate talks that took place in Copenhagen in 2009, the US sent a delegation of about 190 people. Eritrea, on the other hand, could afford to send 8.

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