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6 May 2010 | Jane Beesley

Cite Soleil has a bad reputation. It’s a no-go area. But going there turned out to be a real privilege for Jane Beesley.

5 May 2010 | Coco McCabe

Coco McCabe is in Haiti this week, where she’s reporting on the latest from the rebuilding process in the wake of January’s devastating earthquake.

Swooping in toward Port-au-Prince on a completely packed flight out of Miami, I craned my neck from the bank of middle seats to catch a glimpse of the ground below: neat rows of greens shoved through the earth in small backyard gardens, reminding me that the rainy season had come to the Haitian capital.

24 February 2010 | Kenny Rae

It’s my first week back in Port-au-Prince after a respite in Boston. Last night was uncomfortable; not physically, as the tent is now packed away and I’m sharing a room in a down-at-heel hotel on a hill distantly overlooking the harbor. But listening to the rain, I knew that my conditions were luxurious compared to tens of thousands of families below in the city.

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