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The Future of Agriculture

The Future of Agriculture is a global online policy discussion forum, intended to explore four key issues:

  • farmers’ knowledge as the driver of innovation and investment;
  • women’s land ownership;
  • farming’s dependence on fossil fuels; and
  • effective risk management systems.

Rather than critique the current state of affairs, the discussion seeks to generate bold proposals to meet increasing world demand for food in a way that eradicates hunger and preserves the environment.

The online discussion runs December 10 - December 21. Each day, we post one or two essays by leading thinkers on agriculture and food justice. We invite you to join the discussion: read the essays, post comments and share with your networks!

Oxfam has sponsored this public discussion to promote public debate and invite feedback on key development policy issues relevant to our GROW campaign. All views and recommendations expressed here are those of their authors and not necessarily those of Oxfam.

10 December 2012 | Shenggen Fan | 3 | Blog channel: Future of Agriculture: Online Discussion
We must invest in reducing the two greatest risks smallholders face: weather-related risk from climate change and market-related risk from globalization. Hope lies in stress-tolerant crops and...
A woman holding an umbrella in the streets of Benin. Image: Oxfam
9 December 2012 | Kanayo F. Nwanze | 17 | Blog channel: Future of Agriculture: Online Discussion
In many unlikely and inhospitable places, smallholders are already feeding themselves and their communities and leading their nation’s economic growth. Many of the solutions to farming’s challenges...
Woman sweeping her yard, Uganda. Image: Oxfam
9 December 2012 | Sophia Murphy | 16 | Blog channel: Future of Agriculture: Online Discussion
Agriculture is a risky business, not only because of its dependence on the weather. Governments, the private sector and farmers themselves need to build robust and overlapping risk-management systems...
Ferry’ crossing the Bani river to reach the market. Image: Oxfam

Coming soon

What if…? Imagining the future of agriculture

8 August 2013 | Filip Nohe | Blog channel: Future of Agriculture: Online Discussion
It's impossible to imagine a world without agriculture – virtually all of us depend on it for our food supply, billions of people depend on it to sustain at least part of their livelihoods, and it...
Photo: Farmers arrive by tractor at an onion field.
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