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9 February 2012 | Rohit Malpani

This week, Indian and European Union (EU) trade negotiators in New Delhi will most likely announce that they have reached a preliminary agreement on a trade pact that will forge a new commercial relationship between the two economies. The EU wants the pact to include new intellectual property (IP) rules that go beyond current requirements under international law.  These new IP rules would serve the interests of multinational pharmaceutical companies in Europe, while drastically increasing medicines prices for millions of poor people in India and other developing countr

15 September 2010 | Pamela Gomez

Exploring free health care in Sierra Leone

On my second day in Freetown, I walk by two large 18-wheeled trucks, each carrying a large shipping container full of anti-malarial and other drugs. The two trucks have hauled their enormous containers up from the docks to the high ground where I stand in front of Sierra Leone’s Central Medical Stores.

19 May 2009 | Shenard Mazengera

Malawi has its fourth democratic elections today (19th of May) and election fever is in full swing. They may not be as high profile as recent elections in the South Africa and India (not to mention the United States) but they have the potential to increase access to medicines in the country and help stop these ‘stock-outs.’

22 April 2009 | Sandhya Venkateswaran

Sandhya Venkateswaran is a member of the W8 and works for the Indian coalition ‘Wada Na Todo Adhiyan/ Don’t Break Your Promises.' It has over 3,000 members and aims to monitor the progress of the Indian government towards meeting its commitments to reduce poverty.

19 February 2009 | Rohit Malpani

Last weekend, Oxfam welcomed GlaxoSmithKline's (GSK) announcement to improve the company's approach to access to medicines. If these words are backed up with action then we will have taken a first step towards achieving access to medicine for all.

13 February 2009 | Nancy Holden

The work on putting public health care first has just begun

So our busy week in Washington DC is coming to an end and with our two launch events now done adrenaline has been replaced by strong coffee and sugar.

Our event yesterday at the World Bank (t-shirts replaced with suits) was quite an experience with a diverse range of speakers on the panel putting forward their ideas on what role the private sector should have in health care in poor countries.

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