Action Actually.

I arrived in Tokyo a few days ago, having flown in from Los Angeles where I had been operating in jack boots and a nazi uniform. So it was a bit of a relief to get into a lounge suit.

I’ve been to Tokyo once before, when filming Pirates of the Carribean, acting as “Davy Jones” or “The Squid” as I’m known in Japan. On this occasion I was warmly welcomed by Oxfam representatives and felt very pleased to be here to draw attention to the important meeting ahead.

As we drove up closer to the G8 summit, I had the unusual privilege of going through not only my first but also second and third roadblocks. However, we were gently allowed through. Wearing a deeply inappropriate suit standing in the middle of a field, I did an interview with Andrew Marr from the BBC. I felt clumsy, but that’s the way I like to feel in these situations and I think it went well.

Working with Oxfam, I haven’t become an expert on international affairs, but I have done a couple films about developing countries. One was “The Constant Gardner” which was about the great modern scandal on how Africa is used as a laboratory for testing new medicines. I also acted in “The Girl in the Cafe” directed by Richard Curtis, playing a civil servant at a G8 forum in Iceland, so that’s probably why I was an obvious choice for Oxfam to ask me to be their ambassador.

The film was quite similar to the real thing, they did a good job at getting the overall tone, creating a mixture of exitement and dread at the same time.

My message to the G8 leaders is and will remain: “Keep your promises”. If they don’t, the world will be facing a critical situation in which millions of lives will be lost, even though the solution is achievable, easily achievable. The people of Oxfam know that better than anyone.


Bill read 'Animal Farm' on

Bill read 'Animal Farm' on BBC7 recently . he was ace at getting the story across brilliant actor and great man.

I think the whole thing 4me

I think the whole thing 4me is like a move thing..and oxfam can do little abt it since they r financed by some of G8 countries, the other thing is "debts" and "aids" they r all provided by the sam G8 countries to poor nations...which for I translate as one pipe channel in funds and other pipe to move out funds from poor nations at the end of the day nothing remained or achieved.
Anyway continue the show I usually enjoy the whole move from activist to participants and events come out as meeting progress.

Well done, Bill. You did

Well done, Bill. You did your part. Let's hope they do theirs by keeping their promises.

I don't know many world class

I don't know many world class actors that are as modest as Bill is.

I hope the G8 keeps their focus on making poverty history.

And there was nothing clumsy about the interview with Andrew Marr, it was great and engaging and passionate and important, and I am sure you grooved everyone out.

Well done Bill and Oxfam,

Well done Bill and Oxfam, keep up the pressure.
Best wishes Susan Gilchrist

Fantastic set of films and I

Fantastic set of films and I hope Bill gets the G8 leaders to listen.

Bill Nighy is my hero! His

Bill Nighy is my hero! His dedication and selflessness is only surpassed by his humility. You ROCK Bill. Thank you!

Billy you legend! Hope you

Billy you legend!
Hope you got to have a good look around Hokkaido to take in the sights, come back during winter and show everyone your style!