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24 Abril 2014 | Farah Karimi

Back again in the Netherlands. There is one image that I’ve held onto - Gisèle beaming. She was so proud when she told me how privileged she felt to have been part of a program that, despite the crisis, succeeded in monitoring the elections in Mali. People in Mali were able to observe election results and irregularities arrive in realtime at the Malivote Platform 2013. Transparency had contributed to greater electoral participation.

7 Abril 2014 | Winnie Byanyima

With just 48 hours to visit the Democratic Republic of Congo, there was no time to lose once we crossed the border into Goma from Rwanda. I was travelling with Mark Goldring of Oxfam GB and Robbert van den Berg, the regional director for Oxfam Novib. Our mission was to visit our humanitarian programs, and assess progress since the signing of a major regional peace accord last year.

19 Marzo 2014 | Camilla Jelbart Mosse

What an amazing display of support for the #WithSyria campaign for the third anniversary of the Syria crisis – congratulations one and all for a truly moving display of solidarity!

From refugees in Sahrawi camp in Algeria, to Justin Bieber, people literally all over the world stood #WithSyria. It was just fantastic to be able to describe this to some of the kids who gathered with balloons and candles in Za’atari camp last week here in Jordan (photo below, via Muath Freij/Oxfam).

14 Marzo 2014 | Nigel Timmins

Nigel Timmins es el director humanitario adjunto en Oxfam. Está liderando la respuesta humanitaria de la organización en Siria. Estas son sus reflexiones personales acerca de su trabajo con la población siria. 

La historia de Sabeen*, que huyó de Siria tan sólo 24 horas después de dar a luz a su bebé, permanecerá para siempre en mi memoria.

13 Marzo 2014 | Joel M Bassuk

Our communications lead in Syria, Rachel Cawood, shared with us this heartfelt story of the hope for peace in Syria.

12 Marzo 2014 | Nigel Timmins

Nigel Timmins is Oxfam’s deputy humanitarian director. He heads the organization’s response to the Syria crisis. Here, he reflects on his personal experiences working with Syrians.

The story of Sabeen, who fled Syria just 24 hours after giving birth to her baby, will stay with me forever.

11 Marzo 2014 | Joel M Bassuk

Popular British graffiti artist Banksy has shown his support for the #WithSyria campaign by reworking his iconic image of a little girl with a balloon, entitled ‘There is Always Hope’, to show a Syrian child.

5 Marzo 2014 | Jean Pierre Buledi

This post comes to us from Jean Pierre Buledi, Program Officer/Research and Documentation, with Oxfam's local partner in the DRC, The Centre for Documentation and Civic Education (CEDAC).

28 Febrero 2014 | Camilla Jelbart Mosse

“This resolution should not have been necessary,” UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon told the 15 member states of the UN Security Council on their unanimous adoption of a resolution demanding humanitarian access across Syria.

28 Febrero 2014 | Geno Teofilo

Durante una visita a los centros de refugiados del sur de Sudán en el norte de Uganda, el corresponsal de prensa de Oxfam, Geno Teofilo informa sobre las urgentes necesidades humanitarias, incluyendo la necesidad de refugio para la próxima temporada de lluvias.

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