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6 Noviembre 2013 | Ed Pomfret

Each year, Somali migrants around the world send approximately $1.3 billion home to family and friends in Somalia. An estimated 40 percent of the population in Somalia depend on these remittances. This lifeline is currently under threat, but we are campaigning to keep it open.

15 Octubre 2013 | Céline Grey

I was on my bike very early this morning to join a group of Somali campaigners who are calling on Barclays to keep open the cash lifeline to Somalia.

10 Octubre 2013 | Aissatou Sall

Oxfam and WILDAF today launch a report based on a survey in June 2013 of almost 2000 people originating from the north of Mali, in order to understand the impact of the conflict in northern Mali on social relations and the prospects for reconciliation.

27 Septiembre 2013 | Joel M Bassuk

The UN General Assembly in New York this week has been dominated by talk of weapons.

25 Septiembre 2013 | Josephine Whitaker

Gracias al apoyo de personas como tú en más de 150 países, Oxfam y sus socios hemos recogido más de 100.000 firmas pidiendo las negociaciones de paz de Siria, más o menos el equivalente a una firma por cada hombre, mujer y niño que han muerto en el conflicto hasta ahora.

24 Septiembre 2013 | Josephine Whitaker

Thanks to support from people like you in over 150 countries, Oxfam and partners have now gathered over 100,000 signatures calling for urgent progress on Syria peace talks. That’s roughly equivalent to one for every man, woman and child killed in the conflict to date.

16 Septiembre 2013 | Elizabeth Stevens

After months of assisting refugees in neighboring countries, Oxfam now aims to help 300,000 Syrians access clean water.

There is a subject that almost never comes up in the news from Syria: water. But as bombs and mortar shells rain down on communities—damaging the infrastructure that once protected public health—contaminated water may at times prove as deadly as the weapons of war.

16 Septiembre 2013 | Joel M Bassuk

Mientras el gobierno de EE.UU. y los líderes políticos del mundo debaten acerca de la  conveniencia de una intervención militar en Siria, el conflicto  - que conmemora ya su segundo aniversario – sigue y cada día nos llegan terribles noticias de más víctimas entre todos los bandos implicados.

12 Septiembre 2013 | Joel M Bassuk

As the US Government and world leaders calculate a response to the violent conflict that has afflicted Syria for more than two years, and as news outlets give us constant updates on the crisis, Syrian children begin yet another September without going back to school. There are countless ways to add up the cost of conflict, but maybe none are more profound than the toll it will take on an entire generation of kids.

6 Septiembre 2013 | Emma Seery

There is no doubt that the hot topic here in St. Petersburg is the escalating crisis in Syria. But whether leaders are able to agree on a way forward is far less certain. It's fair to say that there is nervousness in the air that leaders will leave without anything new to offer to ordinary Syrians.

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