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1 Julio 2013 | Jane Beesley

"¿Entonces, ahora somos mendigos, mamá?", le preguntan a Sahra sus hijas todos los días. Es casi lo primero que nos cuenta cuando la visitamos a ella y a otras mujeres refugiadas en Shabreeha, en el sur del Líbano. Estas mujeres llegaron al Líbano hace entre cuatro y diez meses.

25 Junio 2013 | Jane Beesley

Reema is a 12-year old girl who had to flee her country, Syria, with her parents and siblings. They found refuge in Lebanon. That was a year ago.

Reema was a bright student and loved studying, but she hasn't been able to go to school since she left her country. She still enjoys writing and drawing, to tell her tragic story. Here below is one of her texts, in which she remembers her "last day at home" in Syria.

18 Junio 2013 | Keith Mc Manus

Escrito por by Camilla Jelbart Mosse, gestora de campañas humanitarias de Oxfam

17 Junio 2013 | Keith Mc Manus

Written by Camilla Jelbart Mosse, Oxfam's Humanitarian Campaign Manager

As G8 leaders meet on Syria, the stakes couldn’t be higher for those caught in the crossfire.

93,000 lives lost in Syria

“My family lost our home and many loved ones. We’d go for days without being able to raise our heads to buy water and bread as it wasn’t safe, so we had to leave Syria. We just want to go home.”

7 Junio 2013 | Josephine Whitaker

"No tenemos agua, sufrimos cortes de electricidad y hay ratas y ratones por todas partes.Todo está sucio. Es imposible mantener nada limpio. Hay goteras en el tejado... En Siria jamás vivimos así. Nunca pensamos que llegaríamos a vivir en estas condiciones". Yasmin*, 33 años, cuatro hijos.

7 Junio 2013 | Josephine Whitaker

“We don’t have water. We don’t have electricity on a regular basis. There are lots of rats and mice running around. Nothing is hygienic. It’s impossible to keep everything clean. The roof leaks... we never lived like this in Syira. We never thought we would ever have to live like this.”
Yasmin*, 33, mother of four

31 Mayo 2013 | Anna MacDonald

Anna Macdonald, Oxfam's Head of Arms Control, gave this speech at the UK's Foreign Commonwealth Office Arms Trade Treaty Reception (15 May 2013), to celebrate ten years of Control Arms Campaigning which culminated with the UN's 2 April 2013 vote in favor of a global arms trade treaty.

31 Mayo 2013 | Winnie Byanyima

Me he pasado tres días en la capital de África, Addis Abea, sede de la Unión Africana. Durante este tiempo, ha habido una intensa actividad al margen de la cumbre de la UA, pero he encontrado algún momento para poder explicar el trabajo de Oxfam a varia gente. Los tres días concluyeron con una actividad a la cual asistí llamada “50 lugares, 50 voces”, organizada por el equipo de Derechos en situación de Crisis de Oxfam.

30 Mayo 2013 | Jane Beesley

“So mummy are we beggars now?” is a question Sahra’s daughters asked her. It’s virtually the first thing she tells us when we visit her and other women refugees in Shabreeha, South Lebanon. The women have been in Lebanon between four and ten months. Sahra (35), her husband and three children fled the conflict in Syria with little but the clothes they were wearing. The clothes have had a lot of wear. She says, “My children are ashamed when they go out.”

29 Mayo 2013 | Winnie Byanyima

I recently spent three days in Africa’s capital, Addis Ababa, the seat of the African Union. During this time, there was a flurry of activity in the margins of the AU summit but I found my own space to talk to various people about Oxfam’s work. The three days were concluded by attending an activity called “50 Voices, 50 Places”, organized by Oxfam’s Rights in Crisis team.

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