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18 Février 2010 | Coco McCabe

Late last week, rain doused the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince, heightening the dread of hundreds of thousands of people there who have been living in makeshift shelters since a massive earthquake destroyed great swaths of their city in January.

16 Février 2010 | Alexandros Yiannopoulos

Alexandros Yiannopoulos, Oxfam’s coordinator of food security and livelihoods in Haiti, is blogging for Channel 4 News Online.

It is now time to think big. Three weeks in we have a plan, good people in place and now we have to try to achieve one of the largest projects that I have ever managed, if not one of the largest Oxfam projects since the Tsunami.

12 Février 2010 | Ed Pomfret

Il y a un peu plus d’une semaine, une coalition d’organisations, dont Oxfam, lançait une campagne destinée à aider l’Etat haïtien à se reconstruire sur le long-terme, après le terrible séisme qui a dévasté le pays.

Avec votre soutien, nous avons voulu convaincre le Fonds monétaire international (FMI) et la communauté internationale d’annuler la dette d’Haïti qui, avant le tremblement de terre, s’élevait à plus de 890 millions de dollars américains.

11 Février 2010 | Ed Pomfret

Just over a week ago worldwide coalition of organisations, including Oxfam, launched a campaign to help Haiti’s long-term recovery from the terrible earthquake that has devastated the country.

With your support we wanted to persuade the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the international community to cancel Haiti's debt, which before the earthquake stood at a staggering $890 million dollars.

3 Février 2010 | Helen Hawkings

At 5.10am one morning I woke to what was not someone kicking my bed, it just felt like it. I leapt up with a start. These strong aftershocks continue to get me jumping around. Afterwards I lay outside watching the bright night stars fade into the daylight, I did not want to be inside the house.

By 6.45am the first members of the team are ready to drive down to the office. We currently have over 40 people who have come to work on the response, sleeping in our house and garden, so organizing transport for everyone is a huge task.

1 Février 2010 | Caroline Gluck

There’s an air of frenzied activity as I enter the warehouse Oxfam shares with others in Haiti’s most notorious crime-ridden neighbourhood, Cité-Soleil.

1 Février 2010 | Caroline Gluck

Alors que je pénètre dans l’entrepôt qu’Oxfam partage avec d’autres dans le quartier de Cité-Soleil, le plus grand bidonville de la capitale connu pour son taux de criminalité, il régne une ambiance frénétique.

27 Janvier 2010 | Coco McCabe

Oxfam America’s Coco McCabe is Haiti to help with the relief effort. Here’s her latest update, dated January 26.

“In Haiti, it’s about hustling.”

That’s Wilgens Jean-Baptiste’s summary of the job scene in the western hemisphere’s poorest nation: a constant scramble to do whatever you can to put food on the table for your family.

26 Janvier 2010 | Caroline Gluck

It was a relief to read the sign on the wall: no dead bodies after 3.30 pm. My watch showed it was 4pm. Thankfully, when I poked my head into the morgue at the Hôpital Universitē de l’Ētat de Haiti, also known as the General Hospital, the room was empty.

Outside, though, the ground was grimly sticky underfoot – a reminder of how many bodies had been taken to the public morgue for disposal since the earthquake that struck Haiti nearly two weeks ago.

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