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4 Juillet 2013 | Joel M Bassuk

Jacky Repila, Learning and Communications Officer, Raising Her Voice, writes about a new report on our Raising Her Voice program in Pakistan, a country that ranks 134th out of 135 countries on the Global Gender Gap Index (only Yemen is worse).

28 Novembre 2012 | Richard Casson

As UN climate talks continue in Qatar this week, here's a look at some of what made 2012 another year of extreme weather, with impacts often seen on the food we eat and the farmers who grow it around the world. 

FACT: June 2012 was the 328th consecutive month with a global temperature above the 20th century average

9 Novembre 2011 | Sam Phelps

I arrived in Badin district, southern Sindh early November 2011 on assignment for Oxfam to cover their response to the recent flooding in the province where millions of people had been displaced and crops, livestock as well as livelihoods had been destroyed due to the floods.

9 Novembre 2011 | Sam Phelps

En novembre 2011, je me suis rendu dans le district de Badin, dans le sud du Sindh, où Oxfam m’avait envoyé en mission pour couvrir son intervention suite aux récentes inondations qui avaient sévi dans cette province, entraînant le déplacement de millions de personnes et la destruction des cultures, du bétail et des moyens de subsistance. 

23 Septembre 2011 | Noshaba Zafar

My field visit from Hyderabad to Mirpur Khas was like déjà vu. As we traveled to selected Union Councils (UCs) of Mirpur Khas (Digri, Jodo, Nau Kot and Fazil Phambiriya) I saw acres and acres of land on which cotton and sugar cane should have been growing, now inundated. Hundreds of people recently displaced because of the monsoon rains and consequential flooding running after trucks and vehicles for help; mostly women, children and elderly taking shelter under makeshift tents on the road side.

19 Septembre 2011 | Neva Khan

It’s often the unexpected things that cause the most impact. My five day visit to Sindh province in southern Pakistan in the first week of September proved to be no exception.

The trip had been planned for weeks; I was going to visit our local partners and projects in the province to see the progress being made in helping flood ravaged communities to recover after the catastrophic 2010 floods. What I hadn’t anticipated was that I would find myself in the midst of another flooding emergency.

28 Juillet 2011 | Marcel Stoessel

A year since Pakistan was hit by devastating floods, Oxfam's emergency response has provided support to over 2.4 million people. We've compiled a snapshot of some of our work over the last 12 months - take a look at a selection of our videos, stories and photos by clicking on the features below.

8 Avril 2011 | Alex Renton

This is the third installment of Alex Renton's diary from his recent visit to Pakistan, where the effects of the floods are still being felt more than 8 months later.

30 Mars 2011 | Alex Renton

Le journaliste Alex Renton s'est rendu au Pakistan sept mois après les inondations qui ont frappé le pays. Sur place, il a pu constater les conséquences dramatiques de l'une des pires catastrophes naturelles, qui a laissé plus de 20 millions de personnes dans un complet dénuement.

24 Mars 2011 | Alex Renton

Alex Renton visits Pakistan, where the effects of the floods are still being felt more than 7 months later.

The injustice of the flood and its aftermath was clear to see from the causeway where we met the fishermen. On one side were the drowned fields and – in the distance – the hump in the water that was Mumtaz Ali's village, only to be reached by canoe now. 

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