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10 Janvier 2014 | Louis Belanger

In times of crisis, it’s always the poorest people who have to struggle hardest to cope and survive. That’s where Oxfam comes in. We have again been helping people caught up in the world’s biggest crises of 2013.

We witnessed a continuing barrage of natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes and cyclones. And conflicts around the world have again torn apart the lives of millions of people, trapping them in vicious cycles of violence and poverty.

19 Novembre 2013 | Mark Goldring

It is only three years since the world was shocked by Haiti’s earthquake and Pakistan’s terrible floods in the same year. That was 2010, and both governments and private donors responded with massive generosity. International humanitarian aid shot up to US$20.2 billion to attempt, at least, to cope with the ‘year of two megadisasters.’

30 Décembre 2011 | Rodilyn Bolo

Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines – Many of the families who lost their homes to storm Sendong (international name: Washi) have since stayed in cramped evacuation centers, their personal space often defined by the size of the sleeping mat they own.

Overcrowded and without running water, evacuation centers can become a perfect storm of health problems in no time.

Vicky Aguiman, a 65 year-old resident of Purok Tambo, Macasandig, one of the worst hit areas in the city, now calls a public gymnasium home.

9 Novembre 2011 | Sam Phelps

I arrived in Badin district, southern Sindh early November 2011 on assignment for Oxfam to cover their response to the recent flooding in the province where millions of people had been displaced and crops, livestock as well as livelihoods had been destroyed due to the floods.

21 Mars 2011 | Alex Renton

Alex Renton visits Pakistan, where the effects of the floods are still being felt more than 7 months later.

5 Juillet 2010 | Coco McCabe

In the town of Saint Michel, the Perards have opened their doors to a stream of relatives and friends who fled the destroyed capital. Coco McCabe visited one of the families sharing their home with their relatives.

12 Février 2010 | Ed Pomfret

Il y a un peu plus d’une semaine, une coalition d’organisations, dont Oxfam, lançait une campagne destinée à aider l’Etat haïtien à se reconstruire sur le long-terme, après le terrible séisme qui a dévasté le pays.

Avec votre soutien, nous avons voulu convaincre le Fonds monétaire international (FMI) et la communauté internationale d’annuler la dette d’Haïti qui, avant le tremblement de terre, s’élevait à plus de 890 millions de dollars américains.

11 Février 2010 | Ed Pomfret

Just over a week ago worldwide coalition of organisations, including Oxfam, launched a campaign to help Haiti’s long-term recovery from the terrible earthquake that has devastated the country.

With your support we wanted to persuade the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the international community to cancel Haiti's debt, which before the earthquake stood at a staggering $890 million dollars.

21 Avril 2009 | Duncan Green

There has been some striking progress in reducing the death toll from natural disasters in recent decades. While Cyclone Sidr killed around 3,000 people in Bangladesh in 2007, similar or weaker storms killed 100 times that number in 1972 and 45 times more people in 1991, largely because governments and local communities have since taken action to reduce risk.

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