Inequality and essential services

The widening gap between the richest and poorest is damaging economies and pushing more people into poverty. There are practical ways to close the gap.

Blog: In the big apple with the big cheeses

I am in good company here in New York – more than 80 national leaders have flown in to participate in a special UN meeting on poverty reduction taking place tomorrow.

Why are they here?

Millennium Development Goals. And because with just 7 years to go, things are seriously off track.  So leaders are here to demonstrate they are serious about ending poverty, and to put some much needed steam back into meeting these commitments.

Why are we here? 

Blog: After the horse-trading….

The term horse trading is an Americanism that dates back to early 19th century and refers to intricacies of assessing, bargaining and trading of horses. Apparently one had to be a shrewd dealer in order to obtain the best horse for the best price or vice versa.

Blog: Accra Aid Forum: People’s voices missing

Donors and aid recipient’s countries are not the only group interested in development aid. Again and again, civil society organizations from all over the world have been demanding a right to a say in the aid industry.

“Governments from developing countries are shamefully more accountable to donors than to citizens that have queued in poll stations to cast their votes to elect their leaders” – described some of the groups I met with during the civil society for better aid event in Accra.

Blog: One nation with one destiny

"We are one people; we are one nation; we have one destiny," sang a group of musicians at the opening of the Civil Society Forum on Aid Effectiveness taking in place in Accra, Ghana from August 31 through September 1st.

Blog: Abraza a una enfermera

La campaña Oxfam Salud y Educación para todas y todos está activa en más de 15 países del mundo.

Esta semana echamos un vistazo a la campaña en Holanda, donde el firmar una petición significa abrazar a una enfermera o enfermero.

¿Curiosidad por ver como se ve esto? Mira este video.

Blog: 1 million people in 1 day: campaigning... Indian style.

In 2004 India elected a new government who promise to improve the lives of the poorest and most marginalized people in India. It promised a “Common Minimum Program” including more health centers and schools.

Blog: Hug a nurse

Oxfam's Health & Education For All campaign is active in over 15 countries around the world.

This week, we take a look at the campaign in the Netherlands, where signing a petition means hugging a nurse.

Curious what this looks like? Watch this video...

Blog: Oxfam on tour with Coldplay

I’ve just come back from Quebec, Canada and America, where I’ve been organising Oxfam’s presence at Coldplay’s concerts. We’ve been campaigning on the For All campaign, asking the crowd to sign up to the For All Pledge.

Blog: Policy wonk and rock singer: fighting for the same cause

As an Oxfam policy advisor on access to medicines, I believe governments have to take decisive action to reduce the price of new medicines to treat HIV and AIDS that are needed when HIV positive individuals develop resistance to first line treatments. These 2nd and 3rd line treatments, which are patented by big pharmaceutical companies, often cost five to ten times more than 1st line treatments for AIDS.

Blog: Oxfam sings of and censures a scandal of willful neglect

DENIED! screamed the headline on the media advisory I and Oscar Alarcón were handing around the press room this morning to drum up interest in the Oxfam news conference scheduled for noon.


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