Climate change campaigning in New York: a Human Countdown

More than 1,200 people turned out for today’s creative action in Central Park to tell world leaders to ‘Wake Up’ to climate change. Alison Woodhead was there following the action.

Climate change is deeply depressing, so it’s nice to be in central park on a beautiful September Sunday, watching thousands of ordinary people insist peacefully, joyfully, that there’s still time to sort it out.

Tomorrow, they’ll be joined by hundreds of thousands around the world, as part of a Global Wake Up Call for political leaders to go to Copenhagen this December for the UN climate summit, and sign a fair, ambitious and binding deal.

The sceptics have already given up on Copenhagen. Giving up means you either don’t think climate change really matters that much, or you’ve lost all hope. But we must continue to protest, insist and demand, against all odds. The question is not whether we should give up on Copenhagen, but whether we should re-double our efforts.

Here in Central Park, more than 1,000 people have traded their Sunday to form the shape of the earth, melting into an hourglass. It looks incredible, but the best part about is that every time a rehearsal finishes, the people roar and applaud so loudly that you can hear them half way across the park. It is a wonderful occasion, full of optimism and passion.

That’s the spirit that we need to carry with us into Copenhagen, and to try and instill in our political leaders between now and then, so that they will do the deal that will, quite simply, save life on earth.

Check out Anna Kramer's view of the Human Countdown from inside the Hourglass.

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