3 days until the UN Climate Change Conference begins

And it’s getting hectic.  Emails are flying, to-dos are getting ticked off and equipment is being unpacked, as my colleagues and I finalise our plans and begin arriving in Copenhagen, just ahead of the start of the UN Climate Conference.

Why are we here?

Over the past few years, Oxfam has been seeing an increase in the devastating impact that climate change and extreme weather has had on the lives of poor people around the world, and if we don’t have a global climate deal that is fair, ambitious and binding, the situation will only get worse.

This year Oxfam has been active partner of the TckTckTck campaign, raising awareness about the importance of the UN Climate Conference, and encouraging our supporters to take action on climate change. And, you delivered, just via Oxfam alone, over 1.7 milion climate change actions have been taken this year.

So what can you expect from us over the next few weeks?

Our team in Copenhagen, will be keeping you up to date with; regular coverage on our blogs and twitter, daily video updates by "Mr Green," insights from our policy experts, interviews with those directly impacted by climate change, a special global Climate Hearing and much, much more.

You can follow all the Oxfam action on our Twitter, climate change blog, RSS,  YouTube, Flickr and our climate hub on www.oxfam.org/climate – and feel free to share your favourite bits with your friends and family.


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