Going underwater to bring the reality of climate change to Copenhagen

Mohamed Shinaz,  already knows about the impact of climate change, his country the Maldives, is at risk of devastating sea level rises as a result of climate change. Eighty percent of the Maldives 1,200 islands are no more than 1m above sea level. Sea level rise could make the Maldives uninhabitable within the next 100 years – leaving the country’s 360,000 citizens homeless.

To illustrate the urgent need for a climate deal in Copenhagen that will avert climate disaster, he simulated a rising flood scene inside an 3m high plastic tube,  at the opening day  of UN Climate Summit – a powerful reminder of the human cost of failure in Copenhagen. See more photos on our Flickr site

Unfortunately, it is not just the Maldives that will bear the impact of climate change, many developing countries are vulnerable to the smallest changes something that Shorbanu Khatun, has already experienced.

Shorbanu a mother of four from Bangladesh who lost her home when cyclone Aila hit in May 2009 and is also in Copenhagen to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on her community.    She said "For about last five years, everything seems to have changed. It is too hot and there is a severe scarcity of rain. There are less fish in the river and skin diseases, headache and diarrhoea have become regular phenomena. I have heard in a village gathering these are manmade disasters. I want to live. I want justice to my life and livelihoods; to my children lives and livelihoods."

Support Shorbanu and Mohamed: Take action now Climate Change now.

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