Global Day of Action on Climate, the world demands a Real Deal.

Today is December 12, 2009 and it will go down as a day, when ordinary people around the world all joined together to demand action on Climate Change.

Here in Copenhagen, an estimated 100,000 strong rally are walking towards the UN Climate Conference, from the centre of town. Photos and phone calls from the Oxfam contingent, report back with the news that while it is a peaceful march, the crowd are unswerving in their demands for a fair, ambitious and legally binding deal on climate, now.

Here in the conference centre, where I am based today, the march is on many of the TV screens, with groups huddled around each one and it's definitely creating a buzz between the conference delegates.

So far, Kumi Naidoo, chair of the TCKTCKTCK climate campaign, has given a stirring speech to begin the rally, our very own Mr Green, has MCed the event, keeping the crowd warm with random hugs and jumps, in between hearing speeches about the impact of climate change from climate witness, Constance Okollet, Oxfam Ambassadors Rahul Bose, Helena Christensen, Mary Robinson, and many other representatives from our TCKTCKTCK campaign partners.

I will be going out to take part in the final part of the march, a candlelight vigil just outside the conference centre, very soon. I can't wait. I always get a little emotional when people come together, on important global issues and demand change, for a better future,  not just for themselves, but people who they will never met.

The Copenhagen rally is just one of the 3206 events in 139 countries happening today,  you can see the highlights on the special site that TCKTCKTCK has set up. 

Watch our video wrap of the day.

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