A Climate Shame, but we're Not Done Yet

 Oxfam International, along with our TckTckTck campaign partners, are disappointed that the UN Climate Climate Conference, that finished in  Copenhagen, today did not deliver a Fair, Ambitious and Binding deal.


Jason Mogus, from TckTckTck, has guest blogged for us today, to tell us that although our leaders did not deliver a deal,  the global movement of millions of people who taken action this year, means that the demand for climate justice will continue.


Tonight in Copenhagen, our world leaders have failed us. But millions of people around the world have woken to the climate crisis, they know the science is clear, and they have come together to create a movement the likes of which the world has never seen.

Civil society has also come together like never before. Tonight and over the weekend we speak with one voice in response to this climate shame with a mass "home page take-over" of dozens of major websites around the world. 

Our message is clear: world leaders are not done yet, and neither are we.

Our joint letter to the world:

The Copenhagen climate summit has ended and no, we do not have the fair, ambitious and legally binding agreement that millions around the world hoped more than 120 world leaders gathered here would deliver.

Despite overwhelming scientific evidence, and massive popular support from citizens in countries North and South, world leaders chose national political self-interest over the fate of future generations and failed to resolve the issues blocking the road towards a just outcome. While this deal cannot be judged as a success, it is impossible to be without hope.

This year, from a strong, but small seed of climate campaigning, a movement touching millions of people in hundreds of countries around the world has grown. Over the last two weeks while leaders were dithering an additional 5 million people joined the campaign, resulting in a total of 15 million voices calling for a fair, ambitious and legally binding deal.

More than 250 partner organisations have come together to form an unprecedented alliance under the TckTckTck banner – including development, human rights, environment, religious and youth groups, trade unions and scout groups. Over three days of global action, these partners have mobilized unprecedented numbers of people campaigning for urgent action on climate change. In Copenhagen on December 12, one hundred thousand people marched in a powerful manifestation of this unity.

And, when naysayers, fearmongers, and the business-as-usual-crowd try to usurp the issue, they will be met by a surging sea of people from all around the globe and all walks of life unified in their demand for a real deal. The global climate movement - more diverse than ever before - stands united in the face of tonight's disappointing news. This weekend we are mounting an unprecedented response, with joint messaging appearing on the global public websites of our partners, to ensure world leaders know we are unimpressed with their lack of real progress and failure to deliver a real deal.

We have come so far in a short space of time. Millions around the world look to the future and see hope, justice, and opportunity. It is up to each of us to make our voices heard and to get the real deal that the world needs.

The world’s leaders still have a chance to get it right. They must realize that we expect, and will not accept, anything less.

They’re not done yet. Neither are we.

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