Running the obstacle course of food security…it’s no fun for small-holder farmers!

This morning I looked out of the window with fear… our stunt at the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) was planned for today and heavy rain was forecasted. Luckily it held off!

I quickly reached the site of the stunt with my loyal motorbike loaded like a mule. The team set the scene, inflated the giant world and the farmers get dressed. Journalists and photographers slowly arrived… the paparazzi love stunts here in Italy!

The stunt featured our fantastic 'farmers' trying to push a giant world towards the 'right to food' but having to overcome a number of obstacles: climate change, price volatility, scarce and unequal access to land and water. At the same time northern and southern leaders were blaming each other for the world’s failure in tackling hunger. It's a challenging issue to raise awareness of, but our volunteers put in a fantastic performance!

Although this was a lot of fun, the real-life drama lived by nearly a billion people provides a deadly serious backdrop to the stunt. While we were ‘playing’ here in Rome, 925 million people – mostly women and children – are going to bed hungry today. This is unacceptable. Developed and developing countries need to stop the blame game and start working together to tackle global hunger now.

We know that the food crisis won’t go away until political leaders address its underlying causes, including dealing with the emerging threat of climate change. The world can’t wait anymore.

Ending hunger must be a global priority. The Committee on World Food Security should have the political clout to take concrete action to end hunger. It’s time for this forum to assume a leadership role in addressing the challenges we face, it must not remain a political backwater.

In the coming days we’ll be watching – and working - at the CFS Summit. Let’s make sure they get the idea. Sow the seed with us!

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Read Oxfam's report: "Halving World Hunger: Still Possible?" showing that halving world hunger by 2015 is still possible.

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