G20 VOICE - what to expect

This week world leaders are meeting as the G20. Ian Sullivan reports on what Oxfam has planned for the event in South Korea.

It feels like only two minutes ago that world leaders were meeting to discuss progress towards the Millenium Development Goals at the UN in New York. That meeting passed and overall it was a disappointing outcome for the world’s poorest people.

Now leaders are meeting in South Korea under the banner of the G20. At Oxfam we have three main recommendations that we’d like them to agree to, to make sure the G20 starts to work in the interests of the wider world, and not its own self-interest. If these three things happen, the G20 could pick up where the UN largely failed and be a real force for good in the world:

  1. Put the interests of the poorest people and countries at the center of its work, delivering sustainable and equitable growth, reducing inequality, and tackling poverty and hunger head-on;
  2. Be genuinely transparent, with wider representation, and engage with civil society;
  3. Commit to investigating new sources of sustainable financing for reducing inequality and poverty and tackling climate change, including a tax on the financial sector (aka the Robin Hood Tax).

To help spread the message about what happens at the G20 Summit Oxfam is working with bloggers from around the world, as part of VOICE. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, VOICE gives influential bloggers the chance to participate, engage, and influence important global events.

For the G20 in South Korea our team of bloggers won’t be attending but they will be reporting on what happens. Our team of policy experts from Oxfam and Global Campaign Against Poverty (GCAP) will keep them informed about what’s happening at the Seoul meeting and what this means for the world’s poorest people.

To keep up to date with what our bloggers are saying follow our voiceteam Twitter stream and the Voicehub website.

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