A warm 'Buenos días', from the Oxfam team at the Cancún climate summit

Hello. Richard here from Oxfam. Over the next three weeks I'll be writing regularly for this blog. In just a few days time I'll be travelling to the United Nation's summit in Cancún. The event I'll be attending is an international meeting that takes place once a year where government representatives from across the world meet to assess progress on tackling climate change.

It's a big deal. In fact, you might even remember last year's summit -- the one that took place in Copenhagen. The news coverage around it was massive.  Expectation was high, and the world looked on as leaders from more than 100 countries across the rest of the world came together... and then fluffed it.

Yes, Copenhagen didn't work out as hoped. But now, 12 months on -- after the blame game and finger pointing has died down -- the need for action remains the same. And at this year's talks there are some real opportunities for progress to be made. I'll be going into that over the coming weeks, and also explaining how Oxfam and our partners are attempting to push the negotiations forward.

But firstly, I'd like you to meet some colleagues of mine. Below are some more introductions from the rest of the team who’ll also be in Cancún.  Tim Gore, policy advisor"I'm Tim from Oxfam's policy and lobby team. Starting next week, I'll be in amongst the thick of negotiations. I'll be meeting with governments and their advisors, working toward an international agreement that supports poor people in their fight against the devastating effects of climate change." Magali Rubino, press officer"Magali here. I'm part of Oxfam's press team. At the UN summit, I'll be working with journalists and reporters from news outlets, making sure that Oxfam's demands are heard around the world." Ziaul Hoque Mukta, lobby team"Like Tim, I'll also be lobbying governments. However, my job will be to support developing countries directly in communicating how climate change is deepening poverty. Often, poor countries just don't have the resources to send as many representatives as developed ones to meetings like these. So I'll be there to help strengthen their cause." Dolores Rojas, campaigner"Oxfam is an organisation whose voice is taken very seriously within the UN, but this is only because of the sheer number of people who support us: people who go on demonstrations; who take email actions; or who meet with politicians in person to express their concerns about climate change. At Cancun climate summit, I'll be making sure that these voices are heard."


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