New maternal health challenge: your creativity needed

Last week Oxfam teamed up with Nokia and OpenIDEO to launch a fantastic new campaign around maternal health. We’re looking to harness people’s skills in the world of mobile technology into ideas that can have impact on maternal health. If you’ve got some great thoughts about how mobile technology can be used to improve people’s lives then your creativity is needed.

There are lots of campaigns out there around mobile technology and improving maternal health, but the campaign that we started this week is slightly different and really exciting.

As our friends at OpenIDEO note: “OpenIDEO is a place where people work together to design tools for social good. It's an online platform for creative thinkers: the veteran designer and the new guy who just signed on. This community includes a broader range of people in the design process through inspiration, conceptualizing, and evaluation.” This mean thinking about, building and, err, evaluating such tools.

At the moment we're in the first phase, where people are finding nuggets of inspiration from around the world – to get the creative juices flowing. I’ve joined the community to keep an eye on what’s happening. If you want to take part in the competition, head over to the site and register.

In a few weeks time it could be your idea that gets taken forward and starts changing lives around the world!

Despite all of the focus on maternal health, it’s a scandal that over 1,000 women still die every day from pregnancy related complications, conditions that could be prevented if they received the right care. In my time with Since I’ve worked at Oxfam I’ve worked on campaigns related to these issues. Supporters have knitted blankets and written messages to Gordon Brown. These were great campaigns that led to changes in the developing world. As can be seen by the Sierra Leone government announcing free health care for mothers and babies as a direct result of campaigners efforts.

It will be great to see how a community of people interested in technology work together to find ideas and solutions that can change lives in some of the poorest parts of the world. So, if you’ve got some ideas burning your brain and you’re desperate to get them into the world, then sign up at OpenIDEO and get involved!

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