The Grand Finale of the G8 Summit

As the G8 Summit comes to a close, it seems like we’ve seen another grand show from world leaders, but not much real decision-making. It’s a disappointment that they didn't regain their credibility, and have been unclear on previous promises and new commitments. Why the façade?

Just like the show at the Moulin Rouge, the G8 Summit seems to be just for show with choreographed moves and behind-the-scenes agreements. It’s time for world leaders to come out from backstage and see the reality of their indecision. Today, one in 7 people on this planet suffer from hunger. We can't afford to wait for another show with no action.

What we need is for G8 leaders to come to terms with reality; the reality that they haven’t fulfilled previous aid commitments, especially as they make bold commitments to deliver $20 billion in aid to Egypt and Tunisia in support of peace, progress, and democracy.  Will they forget about these commitments by the time next year’s G8 Summit comes around? 

So as a final send-off, we brought Oxfam’s Big Heads to the Moulin Rouge, close to Montmartre in the Paris red-light district of Pigalle on Boulevard de Clichy. Complete with music and dancing, we demonstrated the show that the G8 leaders have been giving us. And now that the show and the Summit are over, we hope that words are put into action. Au revoir!

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