Let's make this Africa's #lastfamine

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Once again, millions of African citizens are facing severe hunger.

This year tens of thousands of people in the Horn of Africa died – more than half of them children – because of famine. Now parts of West Africa are facing a food crisis. The food situation across Africa needs to be resolved.

Join hundreds of African activists, celebrities and citizens in calling on African governments to act now and make sure that this is Africa’s #lastfamine.

African Governments need to find a lasting solution to the continuous food crises on the African continent. They must demonstrate their determination to end hunger and suffering from drought now and in the future.

No one should die from hunger again.

What you can do

1. Join the #lastfamine twitter campaignOn 10th December 2011 – International Human Rights Day – join us in sending tweets to African leaders asking them to make the famine in Somalia Africa’s #lastfamine.

2. Let them hear and see your voice

Post a line on the Africans Act 4 Africa Facebook page, sharing a message you would like to pass on to African leaders calling on them to end hunger. We will display these messages at the African Union Summit in January 2012.

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