Stop the Killing: Speak Out for a bulletproof Arms Trade Treaty

Øistein Thorsen

Blog post by Øistein Thorsen

Oxfam International, Humanitarian Campaigner
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Armed violence kills 2,000 people every day and keeps millions more living in fear or poverty. This violence is fuelled by a loosely, and often completely unregulated, global arms trade that enables weapons and ammunition to fall into the hands of mass murderers, militias and mafias. 

In July 2012 all of UN’s member States are coming together to finalize the Arms Trade Treaty. Its been proved that public pressure works. It was thanks to Control Arms’ Million Faces petition that the UN started working towards this treaty in 2006. Before that, global controls on the arms trade was an idea only supported by Nobel Peace Prize winners and NGOs like Oxfam.

2012 is a year of opportunity. Realising this opportunity starts with you. If you believe that the killing, maiming and rape should stop, support us. You can add your voice through a range of actions – each one will be counted and delivered to the decision makers ahead of the negotiations.

Taking action is simple, here are two ideas to get you started: 

  1. Go straight to and post your statement, share a video or add an image that shows why you think an Arms Trade Treaty is important.
  2. Go viral and spread the Speak Out message. It’s never been easier to get the arguments for an Arms Trade Treaty out there via Twitter, Facebook or other social media. Post our logo, follow @controlarms on twitter, like our group on Facebook, share the video above or others you find here: One of my favorites is a spoken word poem written and performed by Martin Powell.

You can help regulate this deadly trade. Speak Out Now

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