Call on the UK Government to sign the Charter to End Extreme Hunger

Over the last few months campaigners in the UK have been contacting their Members of Parliament (MPs) asking them to show support for the Charter to End Extreme Hunger. A petition signed by 15,000 people will be handed over to the UK Prime Minister David Cameron today (Wednesday, 18 January) calling on him to endorse the Charter. This week campaigners have been tweeting their MPs asking them to raise a question to Prime Minister David Cameron in Parliament this Wednesday.

Give Global Support

Show your support for the campaign by joining the Twitter Takeover when we will try to 'take over' the twitter feed for Prime Ministers Questions #PMQs. We're hoping to get people from around the world supporting the Charter to End Extreme Hunger and to ask David Cameron to endorse it now.

Other people have been acting on Twitter calling for similar action, for example Africans Act 4 Africa's campaign asking African leaders to make the famine in Somalia the last famine.

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