"Tribute to Pachamama": the winner of the GROW recipe competition

For the GROW recipe competition, we asked you to create a unique and colourful recipe that celebrates the work of small-scale farmers in Peru, using ingredients popular in traditional Peruvian cuisine, and upload a picture of it to our Facebook wall. 

From hearty broths, to elegant lúcuma desserts, every entry combined ingredients eaten by millions in Peru every day, made possible by small producers across the country.

And finally, after much deliberation by our judge, Peruvian chef Flavio Solórzano, we can finally reveal the winner. (Click "cc" to see the English captions.)

Congratulations Diego Camacho! Diego’s recipe, ‘Tribute to Pachamama’, is from Trujillo in northwestern Peru and is dedicated to the Andean fertility goddess who presides over farming and harvesting. Diego has won a meal for two at Flavio’s restaurant, Señorío de Sulco in Lima.

Flavio chose the winning creation for its complimentary use of all five ingredients: lúcuma, physalis, cassava, potatoes and quinoa, and for its tribute to small-scale farmers. The design takes inspiration from agriculture, complete with a base of tapioca ‘soil’. Diego impressed Flavio with his great presentation and innovative style of cooking. Diego’s dish celebrates the fusion of tastes in Peruvian cuisine.

Tribute to Pachamama

Diego’s dish “Tribute to Pachamama” consisted of a yukamoshi (cassava pudding), cheese and potato ice cream, sweet potato infused with pina colada, foamed quinoa milk, frozen aguaymanto and lúcuma mousse with chocolate on a cassava ‘soil’ base.

Behind every chef is a farmer

Diego, 21 and a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu school of culinary arts in Lima, says that when it comes to food we can say that, “behind every man is a woman”.

Behind the superstar chefs (often male) are millions of invisible, hard-working women farmers; “hands rough, backs tired and capable of performing feats as big as their hearts”.

A very special mention

An honourable mention goes to Gladys Lucana for her creation ‘’ (Laberinto de Kinwa Qomer in Quechua), which uses quinoa and chicken. Gladys is a member of the National Federation of Women Farmers, Artisans, Indigenous, Native and Salaried of Peru (FEMUCARINAP) and describes her recipe as “a good way to replace rice, keeping the same feel and flavour.  You could even make this without meat.”

Thank you to everyone who took part. We were so impressed with your efforts. If you missed the chance to enter, why not create a recipe that celebrates the food grown by small-scale farmers and share your masterpiece on our Facebook wall?

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