A night with Bono makes our heads even bigger!

Hi there. This is the first Oxfam group blog from your favourite G8 Big Heads. Unlike the real G8, we have managed to get our official position together pretty quickly. The concert yesterday rocked!

So yesterday morning we were on the beach just chilling out. Merkel was trying to get us together to chat about important stuff, but we were all distracted by the sun and surf. Bush was busy building his sandcastle empire, and we were all lazing around.And then we got an unexpected phone call via our agent. Our friend Bono was having a crazy day preparing the big anti-poverty concert close to the G8 Summit, and he needed our help.

Time for action. We shook the sand from our pants and headed for the showers.

So last night was our big moment. Before we could say ´beach balls´ we were getting out of our stunt truck and heading for the stage in front of tens of thousands of people singing, dancing, chanting and calling for an end to poverty. Our proud moment had arrived. As Bono, Bob Geldof and Campino sang away and called our names, we grooved onto the stage and got down with Rostock´s finest. Everyone was singing to us ´You never give us your money, you´ve got to carry that load a long time´. We certainly got the message from the people of Germany loud and clear. End poverty now. Make this G8 count. Lets see what our smaller headed counterparts manage today….

Bono, Bob, Campino. It was a pleasure to work with you!

Oxfam's G8 splash about in the Baltic Sea
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