Ugandan Minister for Environment unveils art from children about climate change.

The Ugandan Minister for Environment, Ms Maria Mutagamba, launched a collection of drawings that young people form Bangladesh, Malawi and Uganda, have created to express what Climate Change means to them.

The drawings were entered into a competition that Oxfam co-coordinated, so that young people in developing countries, could send a message to delegates in Bali, to think about their future, when making decisions at this conference

Ms Mutagamba was moved by the images and said that the children “ …. expressed themselves (through) images of floods and drought … they have lost hope and we must restore their hope in the global community.”

The drawings drew a big crowd at their unveiling, you can see the images in more detail on our Flickr profile and watch the video of the unveiling of the drawings below.

One of the drawings has gone off to a special meeting. More about that in our next few blogs. [youtube=]

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