On the way to Camp David, will G8 leaders get lost?

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This afternoon, G8 Leaders made a surprise appearance for the 2012 G8 Summit, taking the usual White House bystanders by surprise.

Dressed in full camping gear, ready for their trek to secluded Camp David in Maryland, the group of eight seemed to be unusually confused. Their destination is supposed to be food security for the nearly one billion people that go hungry each day. But signs for shortcuts and detours lined their trail, distracting leaders like President Obama with tempting ideas of private sector partnerships and other silver bullet solutions to the complex problem of chronic hunger.

Oxfam, along with many other organizations, activists, and thought leaders, are advocating for the G8 to stick to the trail, recommit to aid pledges made at the L’Aquila G8 Summit, and invest in country-led agriculture programs. With 500 million small farms in developing countries supporting 2 billion people, nearly one third of humanity, we believe that putting farmers first is vital to working towards a solution to hunger and poverty.

To make that message loud and clear, we brought the Big (Flat) Heads to Camp David. Check out a few photos from today’s stunt in Washington, DC below.

Right now, we need to continue to urge President Obama to take a leading role at this summit, and rally the G8 to launch a bold food security initiative that will help 50 million people lift themselves out of poverty and hunger. With the looming food crisis in the Sahel that is affecting more than 18 million people, the need for such initiatives can’t be ignored. 

Stay tuned for more updates from team Oxfam at the G8!

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