G20 leaders hold the key to a sustainable & secure future

As this year's G20 Summit nears (three days to go), Oxfam activists gathered today at the Revolution Monument – a hub for civil society demonstrations in Mexico City - to keep pressure on world leaders. Today’s stunt underlined Oxfam’s call for action on hunger and poverty with a bold display, showing that G20 leaders hold the key to a sustainable, equitable, and food-secure future.

 Oxfam is calling for coordinated action that protects the world’s poor and creates resilience in the face of economic and climatic shocks. Specifically, Oxfam is pushing the G20 to:

  1. Address food price volatility by taking action on speculation, biofuels and land, and increase food security through emergency food reserves.
  2. Commit to reducing inequality through transformational health and education services, financed through fairer tax systems, and by systematically measuring inequality.
  3. Agree to mandatory country by country reporting on tax, and recommit to tackling tax havens.
  4. Promote new sustainable sources of development finance, including a fair deal on carbon pricing of maritime transport; as well as calling on Europe to implement a set of financial transaction taxes for climate financing and development.

While the eurozone crisis is poised to occupy most of the discussion (again) at this year’s G20 Summit, world leaders must not let that derail them from their promises to support shared, sustainable and balanced growth that benefits poor countries and poor people worldwide.  The effects of the global economic crisis are having a direct negative impact on poor countries’ budgets and resources to developing countries have plunged to dangerous lows. Aid levels plummeted from $309 bn in 2010 to $170 bn last year. And right now, more than 18 million people in the Sahel are facing a dire food crisis that’s lacking the attention and funding it requires.  This enormous opportunity to take decisive action can’t be missed.

With three days left until the Summit, we still have time to make our message heard, and we need your help.  Tweet G20 leaders using #tweetG20, and we will take the top 5 most creative messages to the summit in Los Cabos!

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