#GROWWeek 2012 kicks off with food competitions, calendars and TV ads

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Welcome to #GROWWeek 2012! Check out this amazing menu. For starters we’ve got Filipino food calendars

GROW Week in Asia is going to be bigger than ever as eight countries cook up a feast of activity. Have a look here to get a full flavour of what is going on.

To whet your appetite, I wanted to give a bit more of an idea of what is happening in The Philippines. Of the 3 out of 10 Filipino women who are poor, the majority of these are from rural areas. To highlight this problem Oxfam and partners have devised a brilliant initiative that brings together food producers, Manila’s famous chefs, foodies and bloggers to create the Food Heroes calendar. It launched today to coincide with the celebration of International Rural Women’s Day. Each month features the story of a rural woman food producer and a recipe made from her produce by renowned Filipino chefs. We’re trying to get hold of a copy so we can share some of these delights with you.

In Australia the main event is ‘Eat local feed global’ dinner parties.

So far more than 150 people have booked a place to host their own Eat Local Feed Global event. In this blog from Oxfam Australia they feature a story from one of their dinner party hosts about why she is making a meal for her mates. “What I like about the Eat Local Feed Global is that I can share my enthusiasm for food, and more importantly sustainable food, with people I care about.”

Finally from Burkina Faso, we've got local ingredients food competitions.

GROW Week kicked off in Burkina Faso with a radio debate to discuss possible long-term solutions to the Sahel Food Crisis. The team there are tackling the serious issues that put millions of people at risk from severe food shortages. This is a stark reminder of the reasons that the GROW campaign matters to millions of people.

On a lighter note, they’re also looking forward to Les Koudou de Faso on Saturday 20 October. This is a food competition celebrating local ingredients and to promote the event, they’ve just started airing an advertisement on national tv.

There is plenty more for you to fill up on throughout the week so check out the GROW week menu of great stories.